Lucien Tuinstra

B.Sc. in Applied Physics, M.C.Ed. in Biblical Education & Apologetics

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After graduating in applied physics in The Netherlands (his native country), Lucien Tuinstra lived and worked overseas, firstly in Spain (2000 – 2004) and then the United Kingdom.

In Spain, he first did his final project for his bachelor’s degree at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Barcelona) on “The characterization of polymerfilms (PPy & PT & Pan) obtained by plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition” . He then worked as a commercial technician for a Spanish gas calibration and instrumentation company. In December 2004, he moved to Scotland where, for over 13 years, he worked as an engineer in the gas industry, notably the testing and development of gas measurement instruments and equipment, and training others on the same. His various roles included product support, product management and customer support, and involved extensive travel overseas.

A long-standing keen biblical creationist, some years ago Lucien embarked on distance learning studies through the Institute for Creation Research (Dallas, Texas); this involved some visits to the US. Under the auspices of their School of Biblical Apologetics (unaccredited), he was awarded his Masters in Christian Education in March 2018. Over the years, Lucien has enjoyed working with children and particularly the teenagers in his church. He knows first-hand just how vital it is that they are prepared to face the challenges they meet in today’s culture, one which is increasingly hostile to biblically-minded Christians.

Lucien met his wife Anna on a trip to Israel and they were married in 2015. In October 2018, Lucien joined CMI (UK/Europe) full time, principally as a speaker and writer. He is passionate about demolishing secular, humanistic thinking and proclaiming Creation and Gospel truth.


  • B.Sc. in Applied Physics, Hogeschool Enschede, The Netherlands
  • M.C.Ed. in Biblical Education & Apologetics, Institute for Creation Research, USA

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