Flat Earth? The Bible And Science Say No!

It comes as a surprise to some when they learn that Christianity has NEVER taught the earth was flat. It comes as a bigger surprise to learn that some people today think it is. How can the enquiring person know? How can we separate the good information from the bad? What critical tests can be made to prove it one way or the other? Dr Carter explores these issues and gives a definitive, easy-to-understand answer.

The Flat Earth Myth https://creation.com/flat-earth-myth
Why the Universe does not revolve around the Earth https://creation.com/refuting-absolute-geocentrism
Refuting absolute geocentrism https://creation.com/refuting-geocentrism-response
A flat earth, and other nonsense https://creation.com/refuting-flat-earth
A direct test of the flat earth model: flight times https://creation.com/a-direct-test-of-the-flat-earth-model-flight-times
How to think (not what to think) https://creation.com/how-to-think

Our Created Solar System https://creation.com/darwin-trailer
Our Created Stars and Galaxies https://creation.com/s/30-9-619
Our Created Universe https://creation.com/s/30-9-656
Alien Intrusion https://creation.com/s/30-9-566
Starlight, Time, and the New Physics https://creation.com/s/10-3-505
Light-years? No Problem! https://creation.com/s/30-9-657
The Stargazer’s Guide to the Night Sky https://creation.com/s/10-2-587
Our Amazing Created Solar System https://creation.com/s/10-2-626

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*This is an updated version of the original with a revised title. –CMI US Team

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