Major Plans for South Africa in 2006

Creation Ministries International South Africa

By Dr Johan Kruger, CMI-SA


Johan Kurger

Transforming the church so it can be a relevant and effective witness is one of the main thrusts of Creation Ministries.  CMI-SA has some exciting plans for 2006 under the overall theme of restoring biblical authority.

We have already been in awe at the way God used Dr Carl Wieland's 'Challenge to the Church Tour' earlier in the year.  In particular thousands of university students were reached.  People were saved, lives were changed and the ripple effects continue unabated as the knowledge that God's Word can be trusted spreads. 

There will be several tours coupled with weekend outreaches across the country.

Some of the mini-tours planned include Kwazulu Natal (Durban and Pietermaritzburg May/Jun), Gauteng (Pretoria, Johannesburg and Alberton Aug/Sept) and Northwest (Potchefstroom and Klerksdorp Oct/Nov). Planned events are listed on the Events Calendar.

 We have found the weekend outreaches to be very effective.  These can include a Friday evening public meeting, a Saturday morning creation seminar and Sunday morning and evening services in different church congregations.  That’s four meetings in one weekend.

 With God’s Word increasingly being challenged from various quarters (sadly, even from within the church itself), young and old alike would love to know they can trust the Bible from the very first verse.  We want to tap that them by challenging believers and arming and equipping them with answers and evidences to defend their faith against the evolutionary indoctrination that is so prevalent in our society today.

  This is an extremely important undertaking for Creation Ministries International South Africa.  Do you have contacts in churches with  room to host meetings?  Can you be a part of spreading the news—even bringing people along to the meetings?  Would your local radio or TV stations be interested in interviewing the speakers?  If we all do our part the events planned this year can be a very significant on the South African landscape, putting the Bible back where it belongs—into the hands, hearts and minds of believers in South Africa.

Published: 22 February 2006