Making the logical connection!

I went through the public school system, being indoctrinated into evolution, although creation was also "taught" (mentioned and discarded). I knew evolution or even "theistic evolution" wasn't right, but didn't have anything but a gut feeling to prove it. I went through college in the same vein, but it was not until I heard Ken Ham speak at our church that I knew WHY it wasn't right. I knew the scriptures, but hadn't made the logical connections: death before Adam meant God saying death was "very good" and not the result of sin. WOW. We bought the video series, as well as several books, and I've devoured them. I'm so excited! I homeschool our children and teach in a Christian homeschool cooperative. I have been teaching Literature, Essay and Latin, but I got so excited about your materials that I looked up a bunch of primary sources and volunteered to teach junior high earth science and chemistry next year. I can't wait!
Thanks for your information, testimonies, and help
Deborah Carson

Published: 4 February 2006