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Creation 27(3):7, June 2005

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Mammals had dinos for dinner


The fossilized remains of a small dinosaur (psittacosaur) have been found in the belly of a fossil mammal named Repenomamus robustus. This specimen and another newly-discovered large Repenomamus fossil are a real surprise for evolutionists because evolutionary assumptions say that mammals living during the so-called ‘age of the dinosaurs’ couldn’t possibly have been big—rather, that mammals had to be small to avoid the huge reptiles.

  • Nature, 13 January 2005, pp. 116–117, 149–152.

While a surprise for evolutionists, it’s no shock to creationists—mammals, dinosaurs and man originally were all created on Day 6 of Creation Week, and so all lived at the same time. For further information, see Dino dinner hard to swallow?