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S07E18 - Was Jesus wrong about creation?
S07E13 - Were Adam and Eve real people?
S07E17 - Faith and facts
S07E16 - Does God exist?
S07E15 - Radiohalos ruin radiometric dating
S07E14 - Who were the Nephilim?
S07E12 - Energizing your spiritual growth
S07E10 - Creationists damage Christianity?
S07E09 - What is the image of God?
S07E07 - The Christian response to aliens and UFOs
S07E06 - Archaeology supports the Bible
The whites of their eyes - How Hollywood makes apes look human
S07E05 - Is Genesis poetry?
Thorns – post-Fall or millions of years old?
S07E04 - Evolutionary creation, round squares and other nonsense
Light sensitive species - a problem for dinosaur extinction theories
S07E03 - If God created the universe then who created God?
Sedimentary blankets - evidence for Noah's Flood
S07E02 - How long were the Genesis days?
Radiocarbon in dinosaur bones - it shouldn't be there!
S07E01 - Why youth leave the church
How can a good God allow evil in the world?
S06E11 - The Flat Earth myth and the Bible.
Alien Intrusion [Official Movie Trailer] #2
S06E08 - Does the Bible condone slavery, abuse or mass murder?
S06E07 - Flood legends
S06E06 - What about the Stone Age?
Alien Intrusion: Chat with the Producer
S06E04 - Using the Bible to defend the Bible.
S06E02 - Making sense of ‘ape-man’ claims.
S06E01 - The Irrational Faith of Evolution
Creation Restored: The New Heavens and Earth [Official Trailer]
Alien Intrusion [Official Movie Trailer] #1
S06E19 - Does the Bible contain scientific errors?
S06E16 - What about the Garden of Eden?
Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all called "God"
S05E22 - More Amazing Design in Animals
Lawyer jettisons Noah's Flood
S05E20 - Handling the Critics
A triune God is taught by Scripture
S05E16 - Creation and marriage
Light-Years? No Problem!
Fossil graveyards point to global Flood
S05E09 - What will that Restoration be like according to Genesis?
S05E08 - When exactly were bad things created?
Founding of ancient nations confirms the Biblical record
Genesis explains HOW God created, not why.
S05E06 - Evidence for Noah’s Flood
Old Earth creationists must accept human death before Adam
S05E05 - How old is the earth?
S05E02 - Was Darwin a plagiarist?
S05E01 - How should the Bible be interpreted?
Inspiration from Creation - Trailer
Frantic dinosaur footprints point to the flood
Do mudcracks disprove Noah’s Flood?
Are Men Going Extinct?
S04E24 - Was Noah’s Flood global?
S04E23 - Evolution and education- How to survive in a secular system
S04E22 - The Creation model
S04E21 - The Koran vs Genesis -
S04E20 - Speciation and the biblical kinds – What’s the connection?
S04E19 - Speciation: yes, Evolution: no
S04E18 - Refuting ‘bad design’ arguments
S04E17 - It’s a great time to be a Christian!
S04E16 - Fossil mix ups – When fossils are found where they shouldn’t be
S04E15 - Famous creation scientists – From Newton to Sarfati
S04E14 - Practical evangelism with evangelist Henry De Roos
S04E13 - What did the Son of God believe about Creation?
S04E12 - The Trojan horse of ‘deep time’
S04E11 - Will the REAL creationists please stand up?
S04E10 - Amazing design in animals
S04E09 - The key to understanding the age of the earth debate
S04E08 - How theistic evolution affects Christian theology
S04E07 - The key to understanding the creation/evolution debate
S04E06 - The holocaust before the holocaust
S04E05 - Living Fossils: Fossils that debunk evolution
S04E04 - What the Reformers believed about Genesis
S04E03 - Is the evidence for deep time really rock solid?
S04E02 - Transhumanism – using technology to propel human evolution
S04E01 - Biomimetics—engineers copying the Creator
Missoula Flood DVD Promo CMI Program Stream
S03E24 - Homology -- do common structures imply common ancestor?
S03E23 - Neo-catastrophism vs uniformitarianism
S03E22 - Physics and creation -- an interview with physicist Dr Jim Mason
S03E21 - One human family -- an interview with Dr Carl Wieland
S03E20 - World winding down -- an interview with Dr Carl Wieland
S03E19 - Evolution and pop culture
S03E18 - Why is origins important?
Junk DNA? -- There's no such thing!
S03E17 - No two ways about it: Operational vs historical science
S03E16 - What is the most 'cutting edge' fact for creation?
S03E15 - Do we all come from two people?
Hypertension -- racial differences don't affect prescriptions
S03E14 - Life from non-life
S03E13 - The atheist's creation story
Global flood on Mars -- but not on Earth?
S03E12 - Tracing the nations back to Babel
S03E11 - What did the Church Fathers believe about Genesis?
S03E10 - More evidences for a recent creation
S03E09 - Creation and public education
Exploding whales - sinking a fishy fossil theory
S03E08 - Can you be a Christian and believe in evolution?
S03E07 - Countering creation skeptics
S03E06 - Grand Canyon - Evidence for Noah's Flood
Does the bible teach flat Earth?
S03E05 - Why does the evidence always point to evolution?
S03E04 - CMI's role in the body of Christ
S03E03 - How smart was ancient man?
S03E02 - Fossils: Evidence for Biblical creation
S03E01 - What would we know about creation if we only had the New Testament?
S02E05 - Who wrote Genesis?
The Big Bang: failed predictions and contradictions
S02E01 - Is there a universal way Christians should interpret the Bible?
S02E24 - The Ice Age and the Bible
S02E23 - Apes and Humans: 99% similar?
S02E22 - Transitional fossils? Where?
Laetoli Footprints
S02E21 - Effective Evangelism in an Evolutionized World
Made in God's Image
S02E20 - How did bad things come about?
Mitochondrial Eve -- a good fit for the real Eve
S02E19 - Same old song and dance
Mud and the Flood
S02E18 - A 'mountain of evidence' for evolution?
S02E17 - Why Christianity is true
S02E16 - Astronomy, the Big Bang and creation
Quick Granite
S02E15 - Creative Genesis Interpretations
S02E14 - Evolutionary creation
Sea Spiders -- no change over 160 million years
SETI -- not able to recognize intelligent life?
S02E13 - Who is the God of Genesis?
S02E12 - Marvellous molecular machines
S02E11 - Where do the fossils fit?
S02E10 - Aliens and UFOs -- What are they really?
S02E09 - Dinosaurs and humans -- did they live together?
Jews & Arabs: Abraham's children
S02E08 - The relationship between faith and science
Discouraged in your faith? Book a CMI speaker.
S02E07 - Continental drift and the Bible
Fitting Dinosaurs on the Ark
S02E06 - God's amazing design
Donations help fund research
S02E05 - Scientific evidence for a recent creation
S02E04 - When did God create?
Death Throes -- Dinosaur fossil posture suggests asphyxiation
S02E03 - Genetic Mutation - Magnificent Modifier or Mega Meltdown?
S02E02 - How natural selection supports a recent creation
S02E01 - Roman Road begins in Genesis
Genesis - Verse by Verse -- a free online Bible study tool
Races and Human Genetic Variation - a free online database of faith-building information
Creation Magazine - antidote to evolution
Give your pastor a break - book a CMI speaker
Naturalism and evolutionary closed-mindedness
Creation Speakers available to come to your church
Stasis -- Another problem for evolution from the fossil record
Creation Magazine - an essential equipping tool for the whole family
Dinosaurs ARE mentioned in the Bible - Behemoth
Genesis is Revelation
The Creation Answers Book
Evidence for God
S01E28 - Information - where does it come from?
Darwin's 'yard apes'
S01E26 - Things to think about as a theistic evolutionist
Loving the Bible to death
Earth is too special
Where do cavemen fit into Biblical history?
Does the Bible say the Earth is flat?
Do Genesis 1 and 2 contradict each other?
Should Genesis be taken literally?
Noah's Ark -- judgement on sin
Blood in Unfossilized dinosaur bone
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Does the Bible give clues to how old the earth is?
Cain's Wife
Six Literal Days -- Why question only Genesis?
How could the first 3 days be measured without the sun?
Can you marry your relative?
S01E22 - Refuting arguments against Noah's Flood
A Conversation With Jonathan Sarfati
S01E13 - The Tower of Babel and the origin of 'races'
S01E11 - Dinosaurs and the Bible
S01E10 - Noah's Ark—Real or Ridiculous?
S01E09 - Progressive creation—Preposterous Compromise
S01E06 - What the Bible says about the Age of the Earth
S01E05 - What the Science says about the Age of the Earth
Not at all like a whale
Immense impacts or big belches?
Prison power Answering 'Genesis questions' reaches young offenders for Christ
Kamikaze Ichthyosaur? Long-age thinking dealt a lethal body blow
Genesis: Bible authors believed it to be history
Two-tone Twins
S01E03 - Changes in Living Things (part 1)—Natural Selection
Close Encounters of the 'Fourth Kind'
Evolution's Fatal Fruit
Six Days ... Really?
What The Schools Are Teaching
Galileo Quadricentennial Myth vs fact
The Dating Game
The Mystery of Our Declining Genes
The Gift Of The Da Vinci Code
Aliens, UFOs and the Bible
Creation 2010 Super Conference - Battle for the Bible
"Elephants in the Room" by Dr Mark Harwood
"Let the Earth Bring Forth..." Dr David Catchpoole
"Alien Abductions & UFOs—Exposed!" Gary Bates
"Mitochondrial Eve & the 3 'Daughters' of Noah" Dr Rob Carter