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S06E12 - Fossils: evidence something happened quickly, not slowly.
S06E02 - Making sense of ‘ape-man’ claims.
Mass extinction points to Noah's Flood
Marine Fossils on Mount Everest
Ape-man discovery epic fail
Upside down geological column
Fossil graveyards point to global Flood
Which History Fits Best? – Ep 3 – Fossils
Millions of years belief inconsistent with restored Earth
Did animals die before Adam sinned?
Dieting dinosaurs
No evolution for 3.5 billion years???
S04E16 - Fossil mix ups – When fossils are found where they shouldn’t be
S04E05 - Living Fossils: Fossils that debunk evolution
Exploding whales - sinking a fishy fossil theory
S03E02 - Fossils: Evidence for Biblical creation
S02E22 - Transitional fossils? Where?
Neanderthal Man looks like you and me
Polystrate Fossils -- evidence against millions of years
S02E11 - Where do the fossils fit?
The Cambrian Explosion
Wollemi Pine -- a living fossil
Death Throes -- Dinosaur fossil posture suggests asphyxiation
Reinforcement Syndrome within evolutionism
Stasis -- Another problem for evolution from the fossil record
The key to understanding earth history: The global flood
S01E17 - 15 Questions for Evolutionists -- #10 How do 'living fossils' stay the same for millions of years?
Fast octopus fossils reveal no evolution
Blood in Unfossilized dinosaur bone
S01E16 - 15 Questions for Evolutionists -- #9 Why are the (expected) transitional fossils missing?
Evolutionary Stasis -- Double-speak and Propaganda
Wood petrified in spring - Creationist's rapid claims recognized
That quote: about the missing transitional fossils
Are fossils ever found in the wrong place?
The Dating Game