Did Dinosaurs Go Extinct Millions of Years Ago?
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Did Dinosaurs Go Extinct Millions of Years Ago?

Published: November 25, 2019 - Duration: 16:07

Dinosaurs are set up as a giant challenge to the Christian that’s trying to hold onto biblical history and science at the same time. How do we answer the challenge?

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Dire Dragons (Book)

Dragons or Dinosaurs? (Book)

Exploring Dinosaurs with Mr. Hibb (Book)

Dinosaurs! (DVD)

Links and Show Notes

Soft dinosaur tissue is evidence in the last 20 years that dinosaurs cannot be millions of years old

2012 using 3 different methods they have found traces of dinosaur DNA in bones

Phil Robinson Creation Magazine articles about dinosaurs

Carbon 14 in dinosaur bones proves dinosaurs cannot be 10s of millions of years old

Mentioned: Denver, the Last Dinosaur

Watch Jurassic Park’s T-rex run (his blood should have boiled)

Book: The Big Book of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs used to be called ‘dragons’

Bronze wine vessel with “felines” (changed from dragons)

Jesus refers to ‘God created them male and female

Bishop Bell’s brass behemoths

Angkor saw a stegosaur?

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