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Dystopian Science: Part 2
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Dystopian Science: Part 2

Conspiracy theories require a magical world

Many people today hold to one or more conspiracy theories that, if they were to be consistent, require the world to be unreal, as we documented previously. Science advances as older, sometimes flawed ideas are challenged and replaced with better ideas. And the Bible allows for this, because, while it is not a science textbook, it gives us a framework and a mandate for science.

by Lita Cosner and Robert Carter
Originally published April 4th, 2019

Show notes

Article: Dystopian Science, Part 2: Conspiracy theories require a magical world

Article: Five Atheist Miracles (or materialists believe in magic)

Article: Johannes Kepler, Outstanding scientist and committed Christian

Article: A flat earth, and other nonsense

Article: How to think (not what to think)

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