‘Watch a glasswing passing’ & ‘Nature’s self-cleaning marvels’
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‘Watch a glasswing passing’ & ‘Nature’s self-cleaning marvels’

In today’s episode I’m going to read not one but two articles about butterflies.

Glasswing butterflies have large clear patches on their wings. Many would claim they ‘evolved’ transparent wings (to minimize their visibility to predators). Christians might retort that only a Creator could have made these beautiful see-through wings. Who’s right?

And speaking of butterflies, their wings, it has now been discovered, employ two of nature’s tricks to help keep themselves clean: the ‘shark skin effect’ and the ‘lotus effect’.

By David Catchpoole Originally published September, 2008 | April, 2018

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The article: Watch a glasswing passing

The second article: Nature’s self-cleaning marvels

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