Death Throes -- Dinosaur fossil posture suggests asphyxiation

Dinosaur fossils are often found in an unusual posture, characterized by their head thrown back, hind-limbs bent and tails extended. Over the years scientists have proposed different theories to explain this puzzling phenomenon.

However, according to paleontologist Cynthia Faux, there is only one legitimate explanation, which is that the dinosaurs died of asphyxiation. It is well known that animals, starved of oxygen when they die, can go into this characteristic posture due to muscle spasms.

This new understanding of dinosaur fossilization fits well with the Bible's history, where many dinosaurs were rapidly buried in sediment during the global flood. Starved of oxygen, many assumed this unique asphyxiation posture.

So the Biblical flood provides a simple solution to a long held dinosaur mystery.

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