Junk DNA Junks Evolution

Evolutionists have long proposed that almost all our DNA—98%— is junk; that it has no function whatsoever. They said this because evolution needs lots of junk DNA. Firstly, there are too many mutations, which damage us, but if nearly all of them occur in DNA that is junk, then they are less of a problem. Secondly, if mutations---accidental changes---created us, then accidents cannot create DNA with 100% function; this would be unbelievable. Thirdly, if mutations created us, they must have occurred in lots of DNA that had no function, to allow lots of experimentation without damaging the existing functions. So the finding of modern science that nearly all of our DNA actually has a function is a huge problem for evolution. Creationist scientists have doubted the junk DNA idea all along, although because we live in a fallen world, we would expect to find some damaged DNA that might appear to be junk—but not much. To find out more from Creation Ministries International visit our website creation.com

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