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Scientists studying fossil 'sea spiders' from 'Jurassic' rock found they are just the same as today's sea spiders. By evolutionary reckoning, that's no change in 160 million years. In that supposed time, evolutionists say, most of the dinosaurs, birds, many fish and virtually all mammals have evolved—all by natural processes. From finches to albatrosses, and mice to elephants—they all made themselves by evolutionary processes. They also say most of the flowering plants evolved too. And yet the sea spiders haven't changed in all that time! Curious isn't it? The Bible tells us in Genesis chapter 1 that God created plants to produce seed according to each kind created. And He created sea life and creeping things 'after their kind' also. This is the most-established principle of biology: that living things produce offspring like themselves. These sea spiders illustrate this biblical truth.

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