Stasis - Another problem for evolution from the fossil record

In nature documentaries and science text books, one often hears about creatures that arrived at their body plan very early in evolutionary history and have not made any real changes since that time, supposedly millions of years ago. These are called 'living fossils'—like the coelacanth and the Wollemi pine. This phenomenon is known as stasis, things staying pretty much the same. And it turns out that pretty much every animal in the entire fossil record appears suddenly and shows this same history of stasis. This was not predicted by evolution!

A more recent and radical theory called "Punctuated Equilibrium" recognises stasis in the fossil record, but requires belief in rapid massive leaps in evolution—an unsubstantiated 'just-so' story.

However, the physical evidence—sudden appearance and stasis in the fossil record—fits remarkably well with the biblical account of a recent creation followed by a devastating global flood, just as the bible describes in Genesis.

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The Bible declares: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1