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Creation 1(1):11, June 1978

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Misdirected marvellings

by John D. Creeper

Very often one finds at the beginning of a scientific article, or at the end, a little word of praise for the wonders that are seen in nature. This praise is directed by the evolutionist to the evolutionary processes. To the creationist this praise is rightfully directed to the Creator.

An interesting example of misdirected praise is found at the end of a paper titled ‘The Surgical Replacement of the Human Knee Joint’ by David Sonstehard et al (Scientific American, Jan. 1978) It reads:

‘Even then, patients, surgeons and engineers should not forget that the natural human knee joint is a remarkable product of evolutionary engineering. Although it can be imitated with increasing success, it will never be duplicated.’ (my emphasis)

The creationist knows that time and chance are destructive, not Creative. He also knows that he will not be able to duplicate the natural knee joint perfectly, because his skills and intelligence are so much less than those of his Creator.

All of nature, according to evolutionary theory is less the product of nature's authorship (engineering) than of her editing.