Dr. Monty White

Dr Monty White

Now retired, formerly CEO of Answers in Genesis (UK/Europe) and prior to that a Senior Administrator at the University of Wales in Cardiff for 28 years.

Dr A J Monty White was converted from atheism to Christianity in 1964 when he was an undergraduate student at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. He is a graduate of the University of Wales, obtaining his BSc in Chemistry in 1967, and his PhD for his research in the field of Gas Kinetics in 1970. Monty spent two years investigating the optical and electrical properties of organic semi-conductors before moving to Cardiff where he joined the administration at the University there. During this time he held a number of senior positions including Academic Registrar and Director of the International Office. He is also a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Monty is well known for his views on creation, having written numerous articles and pamphlets, as well as a number of books dealing with various aspects of creation and evolution, and science and the Bible. Some of his articles and pamphlets have been translated into French, German and Swedish, and his books into Dutch, French and Portuguese. As well as travelling extensively in England and Wales lecturing and speaking in churches, schools, colleges and universities on the creationists' views of origins, Monty has conducted seminars on creationism in countries on mainland Europe and (once!) in Hong Kong. He was also a visiting lecturer at the Staatsunbhaengige Theologische Hochschule, Basel in Switzerland from 1983 to 2001. Monty has appeared on British television programmes and has been interviewed on a number of occasions on local, as well as national, radio about creation.

Published: 26 February 2006