Museum opening attracts many visitors

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The opening of the large creation museum built by Answers in Genesis of Kentucky, USA, went ahead on schedule on Monday 28 May. There was strong media interest, which is encouraging as it will arouse interest far and wide in the Creation-Gospel message. According to media reports, by early evening about 3,000 people had visited the museum. An anticipated protest by thousands seemed to have fizzled, with reports referring to ‘dozens’ of protestors, who clearly did not like people being encouraged to believe the Bible’s account of the universe’s history.

AiG-US commenced the museum project at a time when they were still a part of the international group of ministries that included those now part of Creation Ministries International, i.e. Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa. Several CMI staff scientists and others were intimately involved in the early stages of the planning from the point of view of science content, although it has developed significantly since then.

From what we have heard and seen, it is a very impressive achievement, and we trust it will long play an important role in the creation movement. We also hope and pray that there will be a substantial number of ‘seekers’ who will be motivated by the publicity to ‘check it out’ and be convicted by presentation of the facts about God’s creation, the Fall and God’s plan of salvation.