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This new creation resource site is by the people who continue to bring Creation magazine to the world (the leading creationist magazine for >25 years, read in over 110 countries). And Dr Jonathan Sarfati’s much-loved ‘feedback rebuttals’ have returned exclusively to this site.

Enjoy fresh, regular front-page items (including fresh postings from our latest periodicals), breaking news on items of real creation interest, plus feedback/rebuttals from such well-known speaker/scientists as Drs Jonathan Sarfati, Don Batten, Carl Wieland, Tas Walker, David Catchpoole, Emil Silvestru and more.

While you’re accessing the thousands of items on this site, please let us know when you come across an imperfection (please check first that your browser is updated).

Those who are working behind the scenes to get it better and better all the time will appreciate your help in this way.  Email us about a fault that you find—if any.

Enjoy CreationOnTheWeb, and come back again soon to see what’s new…

Published: 15 February 2006