Dr Nigel Jones



Nigel Jones qualified as a doctor, MB, BS, at Guys Hospital Medical School in 1971. He became a Christian after hearing the gospel at a Christian Union meeting in 1967. He married Liz, a fellow medical student, in 1970. They have three daughters and nine grandchildren.

Dr Jones trained as a general surgeon and worked in the National Health Service for 38 years. He passed his FRCS, Eng in 1976. He later spent 2½ years doing research into platelet function in the Thrombosis Research Unit, Kings College Hospital, gaining a MS degree [Master of Surgery, London University] for his thesis.

After further surgical training in Leeds and Bradford, Nigel was appointed as a consultant at Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne in 1987. He specialised in vascular, thyroid and parathyroid surgery. After retiring from clinical practice in 2009, he became an associate lecturer in Newcastle University teaching medical ethics for ten years.

With his wife and others, Nigel ran a Crusaders youth group in Newcastle for 16 years and spent 14 summers serving with United Beach Missions. He has attended Welbeck Road Evangelical Church since 1987 where he was an elder for fifteen years. He continues to help with a lunch club in a primary school local to his church and in the church children’s club.

The scientific teaching Nigel received in the sixth form and at medical school opposed the Bible’s historical record and denied the serious weaknesses in evolutionary theory, but his own personal search to understand the origin of the world and the purpose of life lead him to embrace Biblical creation. He has described this experience in a book, The Something Delusion: A Surgeon’s Journey (2023). He has spoken at the Truth in Science Summer School each year and has always enjoyed teaching young people.

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