No end in sight …

I cannot even find the words to express how much your ministry has meant to me and my family. I was 90% persuaded (on my own research) to become a Christian a year ago, but I had a stumbling block - evolution. God led me through several paths and the final one was your website which answered so many of my questions. I ordered your Answers in Genesis video series [right] and by the end of it, I was totally saved, repentant, dependent on the Lord and grateful for His blood that He shed for me. My husband followed three months later. Today, my young children are learning the truth thanks to your materials (if CMI were a public organization, I’d be buying shares because of the amount of materials I’ve purchased including the SuperCamp Australia videos and Ken Ham’s new series.). I have armed myself over the last year with the arguments - physiology, biology, cosmology, geology … it is all so clear.

Anyway, my thanks are for your ministry. My feedback is for how I have been able to use Creation Evangelism so successfully with my sister-in-law, my brother, and many others … all saved. But my toughest challenge so far, the Lord gave me two weeks ago with the ultimate academic university philosophy professor who proudly proclaimed there was no absolute right and wrong and no absolute truth. While he didn’t like what the terrorists did in September 11, he could not condone it, etc. I said there were absolutes and that is because of God. He dared/challenged me to PROVE IT to which I said I couldn’t (HA!, he said), but I said, I can demonstrate how absolutes exist and how evolution, the anti-God religion, is impossible. So, I proceeded to ask him several questions about the terrorist attacks and freedom and majority opinions, etc., to which he agreed, UNTIL I boxed him into a corner with his own thinking. He was so shocked that his logic failed him the most, he stormed out of the room. He later challenged me to prove that evolution was impossible. I gave him the information on both being religious worldviews, 100%, the nature of real science, etc. Now, I cannot say that this man is even close to being saved. doing His job and forcing him to re-examine many of his beliefs and assumptions.

So, I thank Ken Ham, and the logic he’s shared with me. I was confidently able to use the arguments with this person of the academia and make a dent. Now, our enemy is fighting back, but the seed has been planted. … They are a tough breed, supremely blinded. I got a taste of it myself. I believe the Lord is planning on sending me the tough ones, because your ministry has equipped me to handle them. Thank you again for everything. CMI is indispensible. I pray that the Lord will use me and Creation evangelism in a way that will allow me to bring glory to His name and thousands of souls to His kingdom. I’m working now on my own church and I see no end in sight …

In His Service,

Laura Vaivada

Published: 2 February 2006