No God—No hope!

by , CEO, CMI–NZ

23 November 2002

New Zealanders were recently stunned at the murder of an Auckland pizza delivery man, by a group of young teenagers. The trial has shocked many as to the number of ‘out of control’ youths there are in ‘God’s own country’. As the cry goes out for better parental control, more police and programs—how many will make the link that, as a society we have ‘shelved’ God? Creation Ministries International believes that the ‘hopelessness’ of evolutionary based teaching is now reaping its ‘deadly’ crop in the lives of our children.

A recent survey of Australian university students showed that after only one year on campus, belief in God plummeted from 80% to just 15%. It would be no different here—how tragic! But it is right in this area that Creation Ministries International wants to help! Recently, Lauren in year 12 at school wrote to us: ‘I have felt the student population’s attitude towards the Bible was one of apathy and disrespect ... I think the reason most of the girls do not consider the Bible or Christianity as necessary is because the theory of evolution is considered to be true.’

Lauren’s witness has already brought a fellow student to Christ! Like many Christians, she is excited that Creation magazine and other CMI resources have given her the answers and confidence to take a Christian stand, despite the constant evolutionary bombardment.

Saved from compromise

A science teacher and pastor recently called at our Auckland office and shared: ‘After 20 years teaching the gap theory and long ages in church and school, your Answers Book [now The Creation Answers Book] opened my eyes to the vital truth of the Genesis account of creation in 6 ordinary days. It has transformed my Christian outlook and my teaching!’ We praise God that this ministry is assisting many students and teachers to impart a confident Christian influence right at the heart of the problem—the godless philosophy which is at the centre of evolution and long-age teaching.

Northland Ministry Tour

Having just finished our Northland tour, we were encouraged to receive this e-mail from a principal in Whangarei:

‘I wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge Thank You to you for all you did to make our Creation Day a success. I’ve been amazed at the numerous positive comments I’ve had from students. They enjoyed the day, especially your presentations.’

Experience tells us that these students will be equipped and therefore unlikely to become the next ‘casualties’ at universities or elsewhere—and like Lauren—be part of the answer instead of part of the problem.

At another public meeting, the conveners had placed out 15 chairs, only to be kept very busy as closer to 100 turned out on a cold winter’s evening! Car problems then delayed our arrival at the next public meeting at Keri Keri. Hurrying, we drove straight to the church, to again find well over a hundred ready and waiting (with lots of questions!).

It’s a privilege to share about our resources, particularly Creation magazine. We know that it is being used to reach out to non-Christian young people—and in a format they find fascinating.

Incidents like these show a growing interest in the Creation answer to the social problems of our culture. We have returned even more convinced about the strategic need to uphold Genesis as true history. This is the only solid base from which we can share a credible Gospel to our youth today.

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