Noah’s Ark replica attracts flood of interest

by Tas Walker

Replica Ark under construction in August 2010 (photo Marie Kuipers).

Johan's challenge

Johan Huibers … the successful owner of a big construction company, has spent the past few years building an ark, using the measurements for the one Noah is said in the book of Genesis to have built: 300 cubits in length, 30 cubits high and 50 cubits wide. … He is building the ark out of Swedish pine, because some versions of the Bible describe the wood God ordered Noah to use as “resin wood”, which Huibers says is pine. “We should finish by the middle of July,” he says.

The New York Times reported a life-size replica of Noah’s Ark under construction by Johan Huibers in Dordrecht, Netherlands. The size of the vessel is incredible.

Huibers’ ark evokes amazed interest because it breaks the stereotype of it being like a large bathtub and wholly implausible. The article is fascinating and written from a humorous perspective. Check out the photos on the article. [Search nytimes.com for A Biblical Blueprint Meets the Fire Code and the Neighbors]

This event in history, which occurred just a few thousand years ago, demands a major re-evaluation of every area of modern thinking. Properly understand Noah’s Flood and we will better understand our world today, including our human origins, biogeography, languages, Australian Aborigines, geology, paleontology, the Ice Age, animal extinction, climate change, and so on.

Geologists often disparage this event as a myth and continue to ignore its implications, but Huiber’s life-size replica challenges that view.

Published: 5 June 2011