Biased broadcaster promotes a liberal agenda

—the Noble Liar


Published: 30 April 2019 (GMT+10)

What are we Christians to do? Society around us seems set on a determined course towards total abandonment of our Christian heritage. Moves are afoot in many places to remove the protections currently afforded to the unborn child (allowing abortion up to full term). More and more, we hear of tragic cases of euthanasia, sometimes against the person’s wishes. ‘Recreational drug’ use is increasingly prevalent among people of all ages, teenagers included. Every year or so, we are made aware of some new vice or other, such as ‘sexting’ or ‘revenge porn’. Much more could be added to this sorry catalogue of woes, and many of these things are causing havoc among young children too.

Robin Aitken

Tragically and frustratingly, instead of tackling these things at their root or seeking to tighten up legislation to deal with immorality and perversion, politicians of all colours are hurriedly joining the liberal bandwagon in promoting further confusion. In many countries, the rising generations know little or nothing about basic Christian teaching and are often hostile to the Gospel. Would-be street preachers must increasingly watch their backs as antagonists try to catch them in their words and accuse them of ‘hate speech’. Embroiled in this mess are the shameless, guilty, mainstream media—epitomised by the UK’s British Broadcasting Corporation.

A ‘noble lie’ is a myth propagated by an elite to advance an agenda—true of the BBC?

Robin Aitken MBE1 may not be so well known today but he worked in various roles for the BBC for 25 years, as a reporter, executive—and notably, as news anchor on Today, the BBC’s flagship Radio 4 programme. He is now a strong critic of his former employer, as his recent books have made clear.2 This article draws from points made in his latest book, a powerful polemic, provocatively entitled The Noble Liar: How and why the BBC distorts the news to promote a liberal agenda.3 Much of what Aitken writes about the BBC could fairly be levelled at equivalent influential broadcasters in other nations, for example, Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the US’s Public Broadcasting Service. However, in terms of global media influence, few broadcasters come close to the BBC’s dominance, with its worldwide audience of 372 million people every week (p. 22).4 Moreover, with massive revenue from license fees5 and the sale of programmes overseas, the BBC’s income for 2017 almost topped £5 billion (pp. 23–24), $6.45 billion US at the time of writing.

Chapter by chapter, Aitken skillfully tackles many topics—including many politically incorrect ones—that millions of ordinary people talk about privately but are often afraid, through media intimidation, to discuss more publically. Some of the subject matter, understandably, is tied to current affairs—e.g. Brexit6 or the election of Donald Trump as the USA’s President7—but much else is of relevance to all who are concerned about the mendacity of the mainstream media, for instance, how the BBC uses bully-boy tactics in cheerleading for so-called ‘sexual diversity’. Aitken bemoans the “depressing herd instinct among the ivory towers” (p. 86) which leads to an oppressive intellectual climate in universities, chambers of commerce and the judiciary—pity those who step out of line on grounds of conscience. It certainly makes a book like this a highly compelling read.

Impartial or prejudicial?

The BBC’s own editorial guidelines state, “Impartiality lies at the heart of public service and is the core of the BBC’s commitment to its audiences” (p. 95). However, on a raft of issues, Aitken’s book convincingly demonstrates that the BBC’s claim is a bald one, even “a lie” (p. 163). This includes subjects like political correctness, racism and xenophobia, doctrinaire multiculturalism (the idea that all cultures’ values are of equal worth), radical feminism, euthanasia, pornography, abortion, transgender, divorce, same sex marriage, scientism (as espoused by Richard Dawkins), militant Islam, the rise in polygamy among Muslim men, the fact that “Christianity is now the most persecuted religion in the world” (p. 229), ‘fake news’ and more. In fact, while still in the BBC’s employ, Aitken presented its governors and the Director General with a dossier of glaring examples of its biased broadcasting. This leading journalist was pensioned off for his pains.8

All of this is deeply concerning for many ordinary citizens, not least sincere Christians. There is far too much helpful material in The Noble Liar to even list, let alone discuss in an article of this length. Nevertheless, it will have escaped the notice of few readers that the BBC has increasingly engaged in the belittling of biblical Christianity—and of course, it continually exhibits strong anti-Creation (pro-evolution) bias; all of which is a far cry from the spirit of its founders. A Latin inscription in an old entrance foyer of the BBC’s well-known London building translates as follows:

“This Temple of the Arts and Muses is dedicated to Almighty God by the first Governors of Broadcasting House in the year 1931, Sir John Reith being Director-General. It is their prayer that the good seeds sown may bring forth a good harvest, that all things hostile to peace or purity be banished from this house, and that the people, inclining their ear to whatsoever things are beautiful and honest and of good report [a clear reference to Philippians 4:8], may tread the path of wisdom and uprightness” (p. 280).
Latin inscription in the entrance lobby of BBC’s Broadcasting House. It dedicates the Corporation’s output “to Almighty God”.

Aitken provides a devastating critique of the BBC, demonstrating with great precision the alarming degree to which it utterly rejects these wonderful founding principles today. The book deserves a wide readership, Christians included. But why does Aitken describe the BBC as ‘noble liar’?

“The title … draws on a concept originated in Plato’s Republic; a ‘noble lie’ is a myth or an untruth, knowingly propagated by an elite, in order to promote and maintain social harmony or advance an agenda. The BBC prides itself on being a ‘truth teller’ … But what ‘truth’ is the BBC telling?” (p. 13).

There you have it. The truth is not for sale, except that is, when the BBC decides to steer its course away from impartiality in order to advance its own agenda.

Quotable quotes

The following excerpts from The Noble Liar provide much food for thought, illustrating how the truth is twisted and distorted at the hands of the BBC (and other influential broadcasters worldwide), or otherwise denied. They are especially interesting to read, coming from the pen of a man who is not a biblical creationist, though clearly shows his Christian sympathies. In fact, while not discussed here, Aitken sometimes quotes from and discusses Scripture in showing the anti-Christian bias of the BBC.

“Today, what was once transgressive has become mainstream—though the radicals are never satisfied and are still determined to sweep away what little remains of the old morality” (p. 138).

“Within the BBC, any idea of an objective morality has been jettisoned to be replaced by a protean morality [which easily and frequently changes] that is built on the shifting sands of fashionable opinion and is constantly changing its ground” (p. 144).

Yes, indeed, and what is needed is a moral compass which only Christian faith, grounded in the historic realities of a pristine Creation and Adam’s Fall, can provide.

“The BBC attached enormous importance to [Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion] and its author was repeatedly, and respectfully, interviewed on all the main BBC outlets on radio and television. … The God Delusion became a global phenomenon which—given its intellectual mediocrity—takes some explaining” (p. 156 & 159).

Indeed, atheist Richard Dawkins’ book has “colour[ed] the opinions of millions around the world” (p. 160) but its many daggers drawn against biblical creation teaching and Christianity have been thoroughly refuted.9

“Political correctness is a pharisaical creed, shot through with self-righteous hypocrisy; it is a way of intimidating and demonizing political opponents for verbal infelicities, while allowing terrible wrongs to go unaddressed. It is the handmaiden of multiculturalism, and no organisation has been more assiduous in promoting its tenets and policing and punishing those who transgress than the BBC” (p. 208).

“It is one of the ironies of life in modern Britain that people who think of themselves as liberal are often deeply intolerant of the views of social conservatives; the new ruling class belong to a strange new category the ‘liberal bigot’. A true liberal is one who is prepared to tolerate the views of others, but these bigoted liberals are prepared to tolerate only those views they agree with” (p. 253).

These important points about the ‘tyranny of tolerance’ are well made and have been discussed by CMI writers too.10

Concluding thoughts

After a book that uncovers so much deceit and demonstrates the insidious power of the ‘mendacious mainstream media’, Robin Aitken is surprisingly upbeat and optimistic in his outlook:

“The liberal hegemony has created an unhappy society which doesn’t really know what it believes in. … The qualities that made Christianity a force to be reckoned with—the truth that wins human hearts and compels belief—have not changed, and will go on winning converts to its banner” (p. 282).

Well, amen to that! We must stand with the Apostle Paul when he exclaimed, “I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes” (Romans 1:16, NKJV). If we stand under Christ’s banner, faithfully soldiering on for equity and righteousness and standing against sin, the world and the devil, we shall indeed, by God’s grace, win souls (see Proverbs 11:30).

But there’s one area that Robin Aitken fails to really deal with, the undermining of the foundations of our Christian heritage by evolutionary humanism—and the way in which the BBC has been so complicit in this. The antidote to encroaching secularism is to go on proclaiming Creation in this increasingly godless age. With God’s help, Creation apologetics has the capacity to open people’s eyes to the prevailing deceit and confusion, and to win them over to the side of Truth. This was the experience of Allen C.:

“Hi Everyone at CMI. It’s about time that I should thank you. God allowed me to find Him, over thirty years ago. My paradigm was evolution and for ten years I ignored the conflict, I would not think, watch or read anything that would mess with these two paradigms. Then one day I picked up a Creation magazine, what a change, it gave me freedom to think; thank you all at CMI, you have set me free from the conflict and strengthened my faith.”

Also we rejoice when supporters like Danzil M. excitedly tell us how CMI’s literature is aiding their personal witness:

“Greetings in Jesus Name: I have been extremely blessed by your ministry. Your website has greatly assisted me in my dialogues with atheist and other types of evolutionists who seem to worship evolution. I can say that without your material (videos, books, articles) I could never have become the defender of Creationism as I am today. …”

The ‘noble liars’ of this world can be successfully confronted, by those prepared and equipped to be noble truth-tellers.

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Readers’ comments

Scott S.
The crying need of the hour is for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in a heaven sent revival. God allows things to get worse and worse until the Church finally cries out in prayer for Him to make bare his mighty arm.
The state of this country [U.K.] around 1730 was much worse than it is now and God’s answer was to raise up George Whitefield, the Wesley brothers and others to preach the gospel with mighty power.
God is still the same, man is still the same and Jesus Christ is still the same, yesterday, today and forever!
Revive your work O Lord!
Cristina C.
In this time of “hurry” somebody took time to analyse, meditated, write with accuracy about a subject which is much rare in society (...and so much needed).
Well done.
Brian M.
The morals seem to be based on something called “social justice“. As I understand it, justice is about punishment of wrong doing. Social seems to be connected to socialism. So, social justice seems to be about getting the government to take money from businesses, unless they are multinational corporations who kill babies (they fund them). This money is used to give free services to the upper middle class people who claim to be socialists or are they socialites?

I see the main problems as
1. the systemic bullying. This is most prevalent in killing trapped, innocent, vulnerable children, but also in school programs designed to recruit LGBT etc recruits.
2. The church’s syncretism with the “social justice” religion.
S H.
Excellent article and review. The BBC bias was something J John also pointed out recently. The politically (in)-correct anti-God narrative that generally runs across the liberal media has intentionally shifted the 'mainstream' views across to 'hard liberalism' so that anything that doesn't agree with its agenda is unreasonably all considered 'extremist.' So Islamist terrorism and far right killers are lumped in with rugby players who make (or like) Instagram posts quoting the Bible. This is a world of 'viewophobia' and where those full of hatred accuse others of hate in order to further their agenda. This is knowing and intentional intolerance - where equality simply means the promotion of one agenda over another. Meanwhile back at the BBC, LGBTQ stories are promoted, especially to children (and always positive or about being 'victims') and with no right of reply. Church or Christian stories are either completely missing, have snide replies from atheists or invariably are negative. This new politically correct movement which has put itself into political and media office disproportionately is like a 'secular pharisee religious order' which demands all dissenters should be silenced so that any contrary opinion is shut down. Disturbing and increasingly it's strikingly similar to the blasphemy laws in Pakistan. Soundbites have replaced rational debate and truth 'no longer matters' according to a judge. Listening to some teaching today (and agreeing with James K above), affirms what we know and that is that the Word of God is true and the only hope. The more we get the Word into us, the more it explodes out of us and releases God's life into darkness. Only Jesus makes the darkness tremble, hence the opposition. Agree this isn't a 'right' or 'left' issue but a Godly versus ungodly one!
Gian Carlo G.
I'm not surprised. Mainstream media is a joke with all its politically charged bias. I enjoy those conservatives and liberals who bash the far left of their bogus trash of "the patriarchy" and "gender politics", it's also fair to say how the far left, especially those within "gender studies", all suffer a case of biophobia (the fear and irrational resentment of biological sciences) when it comes to male and female traits in men and women. Informed creationists and evolutionists alike are well aware of the mountains of facts that document inherent differences between men and women ...
On a more Christian ground, the far left hates Christianity, but some even within the moderate right also aren't so friendly, or at least not well informed on Christianity. I'm not at all so pumped in the political arena unless it has serious relevance to inherently Christian values such as marriage, abortion, science and theology; other than that, I'm flexible.
Pratha S.
The Bible is clear -- evolution (or anything else that is opposed to God) is built upon ONE thing -- they are against God and the things of God. Everything stems from this. It's a choice people clearly and KNOWINGLY make. I stopped watching the BBC years ago because it was clear then that they had a bias against anything concerning God. It's like anything else -- people make a choice. You'll either choose to go with God and the things of God -- or you'll choose to go against them. The choice will be yours -- and that choice will be recorded in the books in Heaven.
Edmond C.
It is hard to know the times that you live in because all generations have had their struggles. The world has been through periods of spiritual darkness which seems to be something that occurs in an almost cyclical nature, with great awakenings occurring in various places to keep the gospel marching forward. But, that being said, Christianity in the West is in free fall and spiritual darkness is enveloping, eclipsing, and seemingly an omen of things to come. Sometimes I feel like we might be starting to understand a little of what the Jewish people felt like in the early days in the rise of Nazi Germany as they began to see themselves viciously and undeservedly attacked by media and politicians. Misinformation, lies, and myths are replacing history and a new history of Christian aggressors and oppressors is being spun and readily accepted as true. Godly morality is being replaced with a 'new' morality in which things once called evil are now being called good. Biblical Christian leaders really need to be quite frank with their congregations, there is trouble ahead should the Lord tarry much longer.
We need to trust God and pray, but the march of darkness seems to be only gaining in momentum. And the Christian Church, by the Holy Spirit restraining this world, seems to be in the throws of apostasy. I do not mean to sound without hope, but I believe we need to settle it in our hearts that our time of comfortable Christianity is quickly coming to an end. May God help us to strengthen what remains.
James K.
Contemporary atheists are shamelessly religious. I attended a lecture on biomimicry recently and talk of their false god, the lewd ‘mother nature’ who created through disease and strife over billions of cruel years, was rampant. Worse still they say ‘all-mother’ has strict moral laws (which change more often than a teenager’s mood swings) we all must follow. Apparently this passes for ‘science’. The reason why I don’t align myself with any political perspective is because atheism and Gaia runs rampant on both sides. The atheistic right resembles more its kin on the left than the biblical Christian. As much as I hate to say this it’s not political policies that will stop fornication, abortion, drugs, etc. The right supports fornication full heartedly, and many in their fold have used birth control and drugs. A country can be very leftist politically yet culturally conservative. Ultimately if there are no murderers then murder can be legal and there will be no issue. The problem ultimately is not politics but departure from the Word of God, and the societally-justified depravity of the new generation (which I am part of).
Chuck R.
Deuteronomy 7:4 "For they will turn your sons away from following Me, to serve other gods;"
While we may be angered and dismayed at the increasing attempts to sabotage Godly principles, it is not a new problem.
James J.
I have been saying that a liberal is someone who is open minded to any ideas that they agree with, since I was a young man in the 80's in Canada.
The difference is that back then they just wanted to argue with you. Today, liberals want to criminalize opposing ideas, particularly those involving sexuality and family.
Steven F.
It is all part of the spiritual warfare that has been increasing its intensity in the last few decades or so. The bias of all the media in the US has bothered me since the late 70's - early 80's. Rush Limbaugh wrote about it in the mid eighties. The forces of darkness have been very successful at indoctrinating the youth of this country through this biased media. Only recently has the internet brought some popularity and dissemination of conservative/Christian ideas. God help us.
John P.
Indeed! An excellent article. Jesus mentions if people are not against us they are for us. Not only the BBC but the ABC ... in Australia seems to have the same agenda. And we have the lunatic left ... targeting any politician who stands for Christian values in the up-coming election here. Animal "activists" ... invade farms or other businesses going about their business farming or exporting animals. We see the fruits of evolution throughout the world as the West disintegrates. We do know God is sovereign over His world. Bible prophecy is unfolding at an increasing rate.
Stephen T.
Thank you for this article. First let me say that I am a Bible believing Christian and I also a committed, and unapologetic, Creationist.
I would LIKE to say that I was “surprised” by some of information in this article - the attacks on Creation and Christians & Christian values. However, sadly, I am not surprised - because
God warned us in His Word, The Holy Bible, that this would happen.

“If they hate you, it is because they hated Me first.” [John 15:18]

People choose to believe in evolution, because they do NOT want to believe in an eternal God who is the Creator of Heaven and earth - and they do NOT want to believe that one day they will have to stand before Him and give an account of their lives.

So while we should be disappointed, and saddened by news such as in your article, we should not be surprised.

The big question is - as Christians and Creationists, what should we do?
Should we buckle under to the pressure, and hide our views - or should we stand firm, and be open about our beliefs, in a respectful manner, and be prepared for the abuse and/or hatred that may follow?

This is a question that all us mask ask - and a decision each of us must make.

“And all who live godly in Christ WILL suffer persecution” [2 Timothy 3:12]

I pray that The LORD will give guidance to each of us in this choice, and the courage to stand by our decision.
Norman P.
Somewhat uneasily, over the past couple of years I have contributed to a political blog re Brexit. My aim has been to deflect the anger and perplexity among commentators towards the spiritual dimension. BBC bias comes up all the time, and there is much perplexity about it on the political right, though few if any truly know the Lord, and believe His word.
Although I believe the Lord gave me inspiration to point people to him, such engagement is fraught with danger: e.g.'reconstructionism' (Cf. Galatians 2:17-19). The ethos of the BBC has gravitated to the prevailing zeitgeist of secular humanism - the place I once espoused before I was saved! And of course, you are right - the foundational text of their creed is Darwinism, which has now 'evolved' into the moral jungle we have today.
From what I have learned, the true Christian has only one legitimate role: which is to walk, armour-clad, in Christ, as His ambassador in an increasingly untoward world. Our only offensive weapon is the word of God (note how the Risen Lord Himself will use it when he returns to reign; Revelation 1:16; Revelation 19:15, Revelation 19:21). Mercifully, God has raised up apologetic ministries such as CMI to exposes the lies and distortions of the huge modern secularist edifice, of which, sadly, the BBC has indeed, by default, become a major mouthpiece. My almost 50 years as a born-again believer has taught me the day of their demise is now very rapidly approaching - so keep standing firm, rejoice in the truth, and in the peace which passes all understanding, which the world cannot give. Some may even inquire of the reason for the hope that is within you - but see the all-important context (1 Peter 3:14-16). The day of Christ is at hand, and his victory assured - the mouths of many shall be stopped!

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