Operation: Refuting Compromise—‘the moral of the story’

I just wanted to comment on your Refuting Compromise mission. I approached my pastor about using [your ministry’s] materials for instructing members in the church on defending the Bible against evolution, as well as standing up for the literal creation account in the Bible.

To my suprise, he said that the church doesn’t take a stand on the creation account, and you can basically believe what you want as long as you believe that God created. When I tried to correct his every argument against a literal creation, he let me know that the bottom line was that he really wasn’t interested. He didn’t care, and felt it was immaterial to the Christian faith.

If this were all I had to say, this would just be another story that’s been told a thousand times before. But, it doesn’t stop there. After his son, who graduated from a secular college in with a degree in biology, got wind of my desires, he sent me an email. And, to my suprise, he told me how he is a theistic evolutionist, who is quite angry at Christians who take the creation account literally. While he claims to be a Christian, for which I don’t want to dispute, he believes God created using full fledged evolution. (Of course, it’s inconsistent for him to believe in a literal resurrection under this belief.)

So what’s the moral to this story? Just to show another proof of how future generations will get further away from believing the authority of the Bible. This pastor doesn’t take a stand on the authority of the Bible, now his son believes in evolution. What will his son’s son believe? Or not believe?

God richly bless your ministry,

K. R.

Published: 3 February 2006