Our copyright policy

Unless stated otherwise, the laws of Australia apply to all the websites of Creation Ministries International.

Usage guidelines/permissions/rights to use CMI articles, videos etc.

Creation Ministries International (CMI) is the copyright owner for all the text or images produced by its staff and/or where copyright has been assigned to CMI in writing by other contributors (as is our policy for our periodicals). Where materials have been used from other sources, even under the doctrine of ‘fair use’, every effort is made to correctly attribute (with footnote referencing or image credits) such works. Herein are some usage guidelines, permissions and information about how to obtain rights to use CMI articles.

1. May I copy articles from Creation magazine or Journal of Creation?

Readers who broadly share our ministry aims may freely photocopy THE TEXT of the articles published in Creation magazine or Journal of Creation for genuine, non-commercial Christian educational purposes—except where we have shown them as copyrighted elsewhere, or as reprinted by permission from another source. Please note that many of the photos we use, some from commercial sources, only have a limited or one-time right of use, so the right to copy them is not ours to pass on. Where articles are to be reprinted in another publication (or a website—see point 3 below), permission needs to be sought from us, but is not often refused. Contact us for permission.

2. May I print out and share such printed website articles from creation.com?

Yes, as per point 1 above (referring to non-commercial use). In fact we encourage you to share our website articles with your family, friends, churches and others. However, the full content of the articles, including references, author’s name(s) and the URL of the article must be shown in your reproduction (the comments need not be included). If you are a webmaster, you might be interested in utilising our RSS feed on your website. Click here for more information. There is also an ‘Email to a friend’ icon at the top of most of our articles, which will automatically send them a link to our article. That’s easier than copying and pasting.

3. May I post one of CMI’s articles on my website or similar?

Same as point 2. We will generally suggest that your website links to our article. You can set up such links at any time without permission.

4. Can I reproduce multimedia content?

You may only reproduce video content that is freely available from the Multimedia Centre on creation.com. Once again, content must not be edited, modified or added to, including the introductions or endings that attribute CMI or creation.com. If excerpts are required, specific permission must be sought. CMI DVDs or our digital downloads that are available for purchase must not be copied, nor must excerpts be taken from them without written permission.

5. May I translate (and then reproduce) CMI materials?

Yes, as per our translation guidelines and agreements. For more information, please click here and/or email our Translations Coordinator.

Please note that CMI is a Federation of global offices who all contribute to, and share, a common website (creation.com) and common publications like Creation magazine, for example. Various copyrights may be held by different offices for different publications/videos. For any permissions, please contact your nearest office who will direct your inquiry to the appropriate office.

When permission is received for reproduction, please do not change any of our images, captions, credits or any other content of our articles, including editing the text, without prior written consent from CMI