So obvious … now!

by Peter Claussen

The author was one of many young Christians who thought it worthwhile to trust university lecturers on age-of-earth and other evolutionary teaching—but this had huge consequences for his ability to trust God’s Word. Photo: sxc.hu

I would like to share the struggle I had trying to align a new-found Christian faith with evolution.

I grew up with a strong interest in science, was saved and born again at 15, before studying science at university for 5 years in the 1980’s. While studying, I was also in my Bible every day, and attending church twice most Sundays with friends. However, I adopted a theistic version of evolution as a result of all my learning, rather than the recent six day creation taught in the Bible. I wanted to trust both God and the "experts". I reasoned to myself, that I needed to look at Genesis through the context of what my lecturers were teaching as fact. In other words, I was looking at Scripture through the lens of man’s reasoning, which is completely backwards. This led to me doubting the authority of Scripture in other areas.

I remember a distinct point in my final year at university, where I experienced disconnection from my walk with God. Outwardly I continued to profess faith, but inwardly it had little substance. My church attendance dropped right off at this point. Anyway, lacking any inner peace, I headed off into the wilderness of life, career, failed relationships, and eventually marriage and family.

Theistic evolution → lots of doubts → weak faith → turning away from God

The author, Peter Claussen, can testify to the inner peace and joy that complete trust in “God’s guidebook for life—the Bible” brings, irrespective of external circumstances.

Twenty-eight years later, tragedy hit my life in ‘spades’ all at once. I hit rock bottom! In order to make sense of the mess I was in, I turned to friends, family, doctors and therapists. None of this helped much! I also “got off my fence of indecision” and turned back to God for answers, and a lot of soul-searching followed. I recommitted my life to Jesus several months later while attending church again. Shortly afterwards, I was healed in more ways than one, and my life took a massive U-turn. I enrolled in Bible College, while still working full-time, and raising three young children on my own. I am now busier than I have ever been in my life, yet contented and in the middle of a peace so deep that I can’t put it into words. My external troubles have not gone away, but don’t compare to the peace and the joy I now have on the inside.

One of the many things the Lord showed me in my first year of turning back to God was that my old foundations were coming out and being completely replaced. Shortly afterwards, friends and strangers started bringing up the topic of ‘evolution’. It hadn’t been on my conscience or even my radar at the time, as too much else was going on. I guess it was still a stumbling block for me, or the Lord wouldn’t have put these people across my path. After many conversations and much reading, including the creation.com website, Creation magazine and other CMI publications, I came to a full realization of the lies I had inwardly accepted as truth. The theory of evolution had shredded my faith early in my Christian walk. I had accepted evolution as fact, and tried to adapt Scripture to fit. So backward! I now ‘do life’, first and foremost, using God’s guide book for life—the Bible.

I so wish Creation Ministries International had been about in my university days. Keep up the good work guys. You are making such a difference out there.

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Published: 7 January 2014

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