Peter Geyer, B.Th., Grad.Dip.Min., Cert.Hort.



Peter has been a pastor of the Lutheran Church of Australia for 30 years. He has a bachelor’s degree in theology, a graduate diploma of ministry and a certificate in horticuture.

He has served in ministry in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, on an Aboriginal Community in Australia, and in mainstream church ministry, where he is at the moment, currently serving three churches in southeast Queensland, Australia.

Convinced of the truth of the Bible from the first verse, “In the beginning God”, he is passionate for sharing the Gospel, and sees the teaching of evolution as one of the main stumbling blocks to people believing in God today.

He says: “From a young age children are indoctrinated that the earth is millions of years old, and that we are nothing more than evolved animals. At one time evangelism meant pointing people to Jesus, but today it’s no good talking about Jesus if people don’t even believe in God.”

 A strong supporter of Creation Ministries, he sees the work of groups like CMI as vital for equipping Christians with the answers they need to affirm their own faith, and for living and sharing that faith.


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