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Planned Parenthood selling baby parts

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Published: 28 July 2015 (GMT+10)

Planned Parenthood has received negative press recently after some of its representatives were filmed negotiating prices for the sale of organs from aborted babies. Many have expressed outrage, and rightly so, because it is an abomination. Not only does Moloch want his child sacrifices, he wants to turn a profit on the deal! But why is it evil to sell tiny livers and hearts? Of course, the answer is, because a tiny human being was killed in the process.

Created in God’s image

There is an innate recognition that the unborn child is precious, far more than the $100 price negotiated for his or her liver. This is because the child is created in the image of God, and to kill the child intentionally is murder—even if this form of murder has been sanctioned by the laws of the nation.

That is why mistreatment of fetal remains provokes outrage—even moreso sometimes than the murder of the tiny child in the first place. Another recent example was the discovery that fetal remains were being thrown in the trash and burned to heat UK hospitals.

But if the child were only a tumor, or if the tissue was just a part of the woman’s body, why should selling his or her remains for medical research provoke disgust and outrage? HeLa cells have been used in many research applications—derived from the cancer that ultimately killed Henrietta Lacks. But the Planned Parenthood actions are more like the work of the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, who performed grotesque experiments on the Jews in Auschwitz. Indeed, many of the aborted babies would be developed enough to suffer intensely as they are dismembered alive, just as Mengele’s victims suffered as he inflicted cruel and needless suffering on his victims. However, abortion has killed many millions more people than the Holocaust did.

The common pro-abortion response, at least to the public, is that the unborn baby is not a human being. They realize that much of the public still have a revulsion (God-given—Romans 2:15) to murdering any humans. For instance, many women have decided to have their baby when they saw how human it really is after a good ultrasound scan. (No wonder that pro-abortionists often oppose laws that require the mother to have an ultrasound before an abortion—the only time they opposed providing patients with full information before treatment.)

Indeed, the Planned Parenthood action shows a typical hypocrisy of abortionists: they will proclaim earnestly that the aborted baby is not human, but then the whole reason they sell the baby’s parts is precisely that it is human.

However, some people have consciences so seared that they think that even if the child is human, it is okay to kill him or her if the mother chooses to do so. This can occur only when people totally replace the Judeo-Christian sanctity-of-life ethic with an evolutionary one, where humans are just another animal, no more value than a dolphin, according to Dawkins. Sometimes, instead of the real scientific evidence for humanity, pro-abortionists appeal to nebulous quasi-religious claims that the unborn baby hasn’t attained ‘personhood’ yet. This sort of argumentation is popular with ‘ethicists’ like Peter Singer, who even approves of infanticide.

Legality vs. Morality

Note that legality and morality are not the same thing—the Holocaust and slavery were also legal in their time and place, approved by the legally elected representatives and the courts.

While some claim “you cannot legislate morality”, all laws in fact legislate morality. Laws against murder and rape impose on murderers and rapists the moral view that murder and rape are wrong! The only question is whose morality is legislated? As Martin Luther King Jr. said:

Certainly, if the problem is to be solved then in the final sense, hearts must be changed. Religion and education must play a great role in changing the heart.

But we must go on to say that while it may be true that morality cannot be legislated, behaviour can be regulated.

It may be true that the law cannot change the heart but it can restrain the heartless.

It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me but it can keep him from lynching me and I think that is pretty important, also.

The example of William Wilberforce is a model: thanks to his conversion to the Gospel, he both changed people’s hearts and minds against the evils of slavery, but also fought hard to legislate against it. Similarly, the early church that eventually abolished the widespread infanticide in the Roman Empire. The modern church is unfortunately largely complicit by its silence in infanticide’s resurgence.

What can we do?

There have been many calls to remove taxpayer funding from Planned Parenthood. We totally agree. But then why did it take this latest revelation of baby parts for sale to prompt this, rather than the killing of the babies in the first place?

Meanwhile, many pro-abortionists accuse pro-life people of caring more about the unborn child than his or her mother, or not caring for children after they are born. However, this should never be the case, and in fact, has not been the case. Increasingly, pregnancy centers and other pro-life ministries are gaining visibility as an alternative for mothers facing unplanned pregnancies. Churches and individual Christians should support these, because they are saving lives. Abortion clinics don’t offer such alternatives to take care of mothers and live babies.

Furthermore, pro-abortionists ignore how Planned Parenthood has shown willingness to abet statutory rape, and abortionist Kermit Gosnell killed babies after birth and caused the death of at least one mother because of the hellish conditions in his clinic. There are many more testimonies of the callousness of the abortion providers, who often neglect to take even the most basic steps to ensure the mother’s ‘safety’ in this barbaric procedure. This shows that abortion is actually an act of violence against the mother as well as her baby.

Scripture speaks of the special care and love God has towards small children. As Christians, we should be as concerned for their welfare as God is. But the most important thing we can do as Christians is to pray, and to share the Gospel, which is the solution to all sorts of evil.

Readers’ comments

Pamela B.
The 'slippery slope' has become a landslide! I am not at all surprised about this going on and yet I am shocked and broken hearted for these tiny little people who are going through intolerable pain as their desired parts are being cut out by a surgeons scalpel. They can't even scream as their heads are still inside their mother as per the 'partial birth' abortion. That title alone should insite rage and horror in everyone. Heaven forbid should the so called doctors have to hear the cries of pain as they slice and dice these little boys and girls. Take the blinders off and look!!! These people should be severely punished for what they are doing. It's pretty sad that it had to come down to money before anyone took notice.
Kyle H.
Can I draw your readers' attention to Job's amazing understanding in ch10... “Thine hands have made me and fashioned me together round about...(9 month gestation) Hast thou not poured me out as milk (fertilization), and curdled me like cheese? (blastocyst to day 10) Thou has clothed me with skin and flesh, and hast fenced me with bones and sinews. (embryo to week 8) Thou hast granted me life and favour, and thy visitation hath preserved my spirit.” (quickening as fetus after week 8) No science in the Bible hey??
Lita Cosner
Kyle, thanks for this. While I agree that Job is affirming life in the womb, I would hesitate to attribute specific scientific knowledge of specific gestational stages. And 'quickening' is not a meaningful stage; it's just when the baby is large enough for the mother to feel movement.
Chuck R.
Would like to say that what happened in Judges 19 was reminiscent of Lot and what happened in Sodom, and the purpose of sending pieces of his concubine to the different tribes was for the shock value (Judges 19:30). The unnamed Levite came face to face with the extreme wickedness that had infested Israel (Benjamin) and the Israelite people were oblivious to it, or more likely willing ignorant, and this was a call to those who were suppose to be ‘God’s people’ to wake up and face the reality of what their nation had become (should be a lesson here for us too).
Ian T.
Here in Ontario Canada our society , not only recognizes but agrees that an unborn deer is a deer when a poacher is caught poaching a pregnant deer. Poachers are charged with each count, the doe as well as each unborn fawn. The very same people will argue that an unborn baby isn't a person because they haven't been born yet. We as a society know that an unborn deer is in fact a deer, but argue an unborn person isn't a person. Wow!
Kathryn C.
To Robert B. and others. "Sentience" is not the issue in determining humanity -- by very definition, that's of the flesh. Just as Macbeth's murder of Banquo cannot be rationalized by the fact that Banquo was asleep, "insensient" at the time.
Being human is a matter of PRINCIPLE, not of the condition or phase of the flesh. That principle is branded on the DNA and all that the DNA enables.
Thus humanity is in the integrity of the organic whole, not in any excised part. This is demonstrated in the capability of a fetus to grow systemically and developmentally from within toward its birth in accord with the complete pattern in the DNA. No excised part can do that, but a living human fetus can.
In Mk. 9:43-47, Jesus even made the point that so much is integrity of the whole central to being human, that one should sacrifice parts for the sake of that integrity of the whole.
A growing fetus demonstrably has that living integrity and is thus human in principle, regardless of any defect of parts or stage of development, which are of the flesh.
Chuck R.
A few weeks ago, on a conservative leaning news magazine, I questioned a guys reasoning that since some children are born with birth defects and there are spontaneous miscarriages, as to how that gives us the right to terminate a child. A different guy responded with: ‘How about: Free will and the fact that God gave others of us brains to do what we thought best’. Apparently some think that since we live under Grace, we are free to do what’s right in our own eyes (Prov. 21:2 & Rom 6:1-2)
Lita Cosner
Ironically, in the Bible "doing what was right in their own eyes" also ended up with dismembered people (Judges 19, 21:25).

Everyone dies at some point, but murder is still a crime. God has the right to give life and to take it away, but He has not given us that right.
D. B.
When I read of these appalling. blasphemous slaughtering of human beings, I cant help thinking of my late son's testimony before his death on 25 Dec. 2010: "Dad, Ps. 139:16, that is where the LORD already knew me - and now I am going to my new family - the best one can ever wish for". That coming from a man who rejected the LORD at one point of his life; he was 37 when he died of the consequences of HIV.
A. D.
"And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

Matthew 25:40
George J.
I have often wondered why the pro-abortionists have so rabidly objected to limiting their killing process to the first or even the second trimester, or to a time before the baby has attained the form of a person. It now occurs to me that there may be an economic consideration here. Of course the body parts of a baby that is closer to term will be more fully developed and hence worth more, so why not wait. I wonder what happens to the body parts of people who are "euthanized" in Europe because of mental considerations. Are the body parts of those people sold? And who gets the money, the family or the abortionist?
As to people who are scandalized by the making of the undercover videos...would they be as scandalized if the tapings were of a terrorist planning to blow up a school? Get a grip people. If the police were doing their job, they would doing the taping; but they are not.
dugie M.
The German people saw nothing wrong in exterminating millions of unwanted inmates in the concentration camps.
Is there any difference in the American people exterminating millions of unwanted babies - apart from the numbers - 8million as opposed to more than 40 million.
Lord help us!
Kyle H.
Again, I would like to encourage CMI to focus on countering the general ignorance about human birth. Very few people know that an embryo has its own pulse by about day 20 before mum even knows her baby is there; most people have no idea about the miracles like: capacitation, mitosis, meiosis, differentiation, the placenta, blood clotting, foramen ovale.... I have had to do my own research to learn of these facts.
G. B.
I heard that this tape had been found to be a hoax. Not that this would in anyway detract from the valuable point the article makes, which is not about the video ourselves but our reaction to the video. Yet if it truly is a hoax, may be the article could be edited to reflect that.
Lita Cosner
Some defenders of Planned Parenthood are claiming that the videos are a hoax, but there is no evidence to support this. The full videos have always been available to prove there was no deceptive editing.
Michael G.
Isaiah's warnings to the people of Israel seem to me to be of the utmost relevance for our society today: "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter." (Isaiah 5:20 - NIV)
The Lord will judge us all, and according to the writer to the Hebrews:
"It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." (Hebrews 10:31 - NIV)

The ONLY way out is repentance, and the forgiveness to be found in Jesus and his work on the cross!
Peter H.
John S. - I can't agree with you. For where I sit, the quote that really hit me was, "abortionists: they will proclaim earnestly that the aborted baby is not human, but then the whole reason they sell the baby’s parts is precisely that it IS human." I see the outrage as being very much based on the fact that these little ones ARE HUMAN.
Robert B.
As you correctly pointed out, the central issue here is the personhood of the unborn. It's not enough to merely consider whether what is removed from the mother is human or not. An excised wart is entirely human but no pro-lifer would care what became of that tissue. Answering whether a fetus is a person or merely human tissue is paramount in settling this debate.

I think that there needs to be a crash research program to answer once and for all: "What is the precise mechanism that causes sentience to occur and how can we determine whether that process is occurring or not in given body?"

Since it would be arrogant and immoral to kill possibly sentient beings until we are sure what we are dealing with, there should be a moratorium on abortions til the research is complete.

If we determine that there IS NO mechanism to uncover, then that should give everyone pause. Failure to find the mechanism of being would strongly imply the miraculousness of all of us.
Lita Cosner
I would very much doubt that the mechanism for sentience would be something that we could discover, since we are still very ignorant about how the 'mind' interacts with the brain.
John S.
It seemed to me that the outrage was because the parts were being priced in dollars, not because they were being harvested in the first place. I do not understand this.
Kathryn C.
Excellent argument, and in particular, thank you for noting that abortion is in fact the latter-day equivalent of sacrificing to Moloch.

Who is this latter-day "Moloch" (transl. "King") to whom our children are being sacrificed? The Right to Choose, clearly the king of values in the American culture. The credo of this idol: "There are no absolutes, no ultimate 'truth.' It's all a matter of different points of view. Thus everyone is equally entitled to their own opinion, and no one's views have any more authority than anyone else's. The very existence of 'God' is all a matter of what one chooses to believe, and the 'Word of God' must be understood as human speculation from differing viewpoints. Ultimately, we are all entitled to choose what we believe is to our best benefit."

And there you have the original sin of Gen. 3: Exalting human benefit over fidelity to God, the right to choose over obedience.

However, in your arguments opposing abortion on Christian grounds, don't get trapped into quibbling about the fetus' relative stage of development, or whether there is suffering in the abortion process. Those concerns are of the flesh; whereas abortion is wrong because it is wrong IN PRINCIPLE! Put it this way: Was the fact that Banquo was asleep and unaware when Macbeth murdered him make that murder any more acceptable?
Reed C.
Hello again Lita. I have would like to know when does the bible say a person has a soul? Some have tried to use Genesis 2:7 to suggest that someone only has a soul once they take their first breath and that the selling of the babies remains is false one source for this claim is [deleted per our feedback rules]. I would value your input.
Lita Cosner
Genesis 2:7 was talking about a one-time event—the baby is clearly a living person before he or she can take her first breath, and given the detailed ultrasound videos of babies in the womb engaging in various behaviors like smiling, sucking their thumbs, and so on, the burden of proof is very much on the one who wants to argue that taking the first breath is the point where the baby has a soul.
Esteven T.
While I completely agree, it is easy to get carried out by the choice of words in this article. Calling it a "tiny child" and a "baby" is nothing short of the exact argument pro-choice use to get their point across. Playing the victim card, rather than win with logical arguments. Call it for what it is a fetus, we don't need to degrade ourselves to a poor constructed victim argument in order to be right.
Lita Cosner
Esteven, the difference is that we are talking about an actual victim. Calling the murdered individual a 'fetus' acts to obscure his or her personhood, while calling him or her a 'tiny child' or 'baby' is accurate, biblical, and highlights the horrific nature of what goes on behind the doors of an abortion clinic.

We can see the development of the child in the womb in more detail than ever before, and sadly there are many pictures of aborted babies that have been butchered in the womb. They are clearly recognizable as human babies at an early stage, and their personhood is undeniable. Yes, the language is emotionally charged, but that's because murdering children should provoke outrage.
Sandy K.
Justice Kennedy was lauded by liberals for his suffusion of the concept of "dignity" which he conveyed upon same-sex marriage. Yet these same "liberals" deny that same basic dignity to the remains of human beings.
Dr John L.
Even in David's day 1000 BC there was a pronounced awareness of the child in the womb. He expresses this well in Psalm 139:13-16 KJV (JGL comments in parentheses)
13 "For You formed my inward parts; (Organ development)
You covered me in my mother’s womb.(embryonic/fetal child in the placental sac.)
14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well.
15 My frame was not hidden from You,(fetal child with the bony frame forming)
When I was made in secret,(Out of sight in David's day.)
And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. (embryo without bony structure implanted in the uterine wall.)
16 Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.(fertilized ovum)
And in Your book they all were written,
The days fashioned for me,
When as yet there were none of them."
As Christians we need to advocate and help preserve all human life from conception forward, and to show great respect for the human gametes (eggs and sperm). Remember, mankind is made in the image of God Gen 1:27-even though we are fallen from the original design.
Dr John G Leslie
Lita Cosner
We would agree with the need to advocate for and preserve human life from conception (fertilization) onward. However, we would say that prior to fertilization, the gametes themselves are not distinct individuals, and therefore it is not necessary to treat them as if they are already living individuals.

UPDATE: Dr Leslie clarified that his comment, that he is very concerned about the genetic manipulation and intraspecies recombination experiments that are going on, and did not mean that gametes were equivalent to the unborn person. I certainly agree with this perspective. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Deborah M.
I don't think the pro-abortionists of today are trying to deny the humanity anymore, they know there is a child, but it's okay, as in the example of Pete Singer. I'm not really sure who's outraged other than pro-lifers. I think being video-taped undercover is more of a scandal than the content of the video or maybe the illegality is an issue, but not the baby killing. The pro-life community has been calling for PP defunding for years and this has just given them a louder voice than they've had in the past. It is not new. We can try to educate the population on PP founding and philosophy but most people just don't care enough or don't want to believe it. I still see people defending PP as a provider of needed healthcare for woman and claiming its not primarily an abortion cartel!! People want to be ignorant and this incident just makes it that much harder stay ignorant. I do hope the scandal has some lasting positive affects for babies and is not just a sensation today gone tomorrow.
Errol B.
I’ve never cried from reading an article, but this upset me. How can any human not see this as immorality of Royal proportions? This is a monstrous injustice.
We know from genetics & immunological research the baby is genetically distinct from the mother.
Wouldn’t it be hypocritical of a woman to claim they have a right to do as they wish to ‘their’ body, while not thinking about when those rights started? Did she earn those rights? Did she inherit them at puberty, at birth or some time before birth?
Hans G.
When I read what Jesus said about the little children, is it possible even here to see some good coming out of evil? This aborted people never have the risk of a bad life and never have to struggle to fight temptation. On the other hand, what a loss of potentials!

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