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Proclaiming Creation regional speaking tours in the UK and Europe during 2015

In an age of amazing electronic gadgets, ground-breaking medical advances, landing space probes on comets and planned missions to Mars, it is tempting to think that ‘the sky’s the limit’. People seeing these scientific breakthroughs often swallow the mantra that ‘science has proved the Bible wrong’—that evolution is a fact and that the Bible’s account of origins is plain wrong.

This year, we’ll be blowing the lid off this deceit with our talks, Proclaiming Creation in a Scientific Age. Along the way, we’ll be addressing the kinds of questions that are commonly asked, such as: What happened to the dinosaurs? What about the Big Bang? What about carbon dating? Surely Noah and the Ark aren’t historical? Why could God not have used evolution? Why is there death and suffering? There are many more of course!

So, come along and hear experienced communicators as they delve into these fascinating and topical issues in their visual and informative presentations.

The speakers will be Dominic Statham (DS), Philip Bell (PB) and Phil Robinson (PR). Full schedules for each of the tours can be found on our main Ministry Events Calendar.

Proclaiming Creation Tours in the UK

23–25 January London area #1 (DS)
11–15 February Southern counties (PB)
27 February–3 March East of England (DS)
26–28 March South West England (PB)
16–19 April Central England (PB)
22–26 April North England #1 (DS)
19–20 May Northern Ireland #1 (DS)
4–7 June Southern England (PB)
24–28 June Wales & Borders (DS)
2–5 July Surrey & Essex (PB)
23–29 September Scotland (DS)
9–13 October South East England (DS)
3–6 November Northern Ireland (PR)
11–15 November Southern Counties (DS)
26–29 November North England #2 (DS)
2–6 December Central England #2 (PB)

Proclaiming Creation Tours elsewhere in Europe

8–16 March Switzerland and France (PB)
13–17 May Republic of Ireland (DS)
16–26 October Malta (PB)

To book a Proclaiming Creation event event in your locality, please contact our Ministry Events Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send us your details here.

We encourage you to use the events to your advantage by advertising them among your circle of friends and acquaintances; or better still, bringing them along yourself!

At each meeting, resources tables with a wide range of creation resources will be available—books, DVDs and magazines.

“One little bit doesn’t make a difference.” It’s a good job CMI didn’t think like that. We had to start somewhere producing information, one word and one article at a time. Similarly, please don’t think your small donation doesn’t help. They can add together to bring a shower of blessings. Support this site

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