Professor Brian Stone

Creationist Mechanical Engineer (Australia)


Brian Stone qualified with a B.Sc. (Eng.) and Ph.D. from the University of Bristol, and has been Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Western Australia since late 1981. He is the author of many publications in both engineering and teaching. Prof. Stone is also noteworthy for obtaining (with his two co-investigators) four CAUT National Teaching Development grants from 1993 -1996 and a CUTSD grant in 1998 - no-one else in Australia has won as many such grants.


  • B.Sc. (Eng.) and Ph.D. from the University of Bristol


  • UWA Excellence in Teaching awards 1990 and 1994
  • UWA excellence in innovation in teaching award in 1996
  • Inaugural Australian National Teaching Award for Engineering - 1997


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Published: 9 February 2006