Equipping, encouraging and motivating Christian families in KwaZulu Natal during the upcoming Question Evolution! tour!

Thursday 30 August–Wednesday 12 September 2012

Why do so many people think that science has disproved the Bible? With evolution being taught as fact, what are Christians to do? Why do so few listen to the gospel, and why are traditional forms of evangelism not as successful as they once were? If there is a loving, all-powerful God, why is there so much death, pain and suffering in the world? Is there anything I can do to make a difference?

Be prepared to find answers (1 Peter 3:15)

For biblical and practical answers to these and many other topical issues, CMI-SA invites you to attend our meetings in Durban and surroundings during the upcoming ‘Question Evolution!’ tour. Come and hear how God’s Word, the Bible, connects to all of reality and why we can trust it from the very first verse.

Dr Johan Kruger

Dr Johan Kruger is an engaging speaker who readily communicates these concepts in a fashion that young and old can understand. His illustrated talks will readily demonstrate that the Creator is the God of the Bible—the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you’ve missed us in 2010, and need to be equipped to defend your faith against the evolutionary indoctrination that is now flooding our schools, universities, even some Bible seminaries, consider attending one of the meetings during the upcoming tour. This is a great outreach opportunity so remember to bring a friend!

Feedback from previous tours

‘What has struck me is that … [the presentation is] by no means a mere scholarly refutation of evolution but a heart cry rings through it all that indeed if the Bible is true— then God’s plan of salvation must also be true—and the invitation is made to the hearer to accept Jesus as Savior. How faithful CMI is to Christ’s command in the Great Commission … May the way be opened for you to proclaim the truth’—George E.

‘In CMI I have found all three things necessary to sustain a ministry of this kind—good science, sound theology and personal integrity.’—Santie L.

‘It was the greatest having CMI-SA here. I learned so much and have already been able to answer many questions I now feel confident about.’—Denyse T.

Tour Program

We are busy scheduling meetings (with no set speaker fees) for this tour.

To inquire about hosting an event with Johan in KwaZulu Natal, contact us on 021 975 8109 or here.

An extensive range of creation resources will be available at all meetings

All meetings are free. This is a great outreach opportunity so remember to bring your friends!

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