Questionable Tactics

From D. M., Australia.


It seems to me that the opponents are increasingly resorting to two approaches in attacking creationism: one is to misrepresent what creationists say and then refute it [this is setting up a straw man and then knocking it down], or to attack a creationist with an allegation [called playing the man and not the ball].

And why? Because they can't win in a fair fight. And they know that creationists don't fight dirty the way they do.They know their theories don't hold up against the evidence, but they don't want to let them go and admit that the Bible is true, and that God really did do it all the way it says in the Bible. You'd think that if their precious theories were so strong against creation they'd drool at the chance to show how wrong it is. Instead they resort to juvenile ploys one wouldn't accept from a 13 year old science student to mislead uninformed people into trashing creation. They're effective at it too, because they have control of nearly all media and teaching places, which are filled with their sympathisers, so rebutting them is hard.

My prayer to God is that he will show a way to take the fight onto their home turf and make their bankrupt theories be the only way they can defend themselves. No tricks, no lies, nothing but the truth. They would not have a chance. This is why they don't play by those rules. They know the technique of asking hard questions of creationists and sitting back and watching creationists work hard to answer. It's much better to challenge them on illogical/inconsistent/unscientific/unproven assumptions of their theories, and then watch them sweat.

Published: 3 February 2006