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Racial mixing is perfectly biblical!

Debunking the anti-biblical racist arguments of ‘Christian Identity’

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Published: 7 April 2020 (GMT+10)

We at CMI have been fighting against racism (in all forms) for decades. Over our many years of existence, we have published numerous articles, videos, and books defending the biblical truth that there is but one human race (Adam’s), that all people on earth are equal in both God’s sight and in light of science, and that the early Darwinists contributed greatly to the misanthropic idea that some people groups are superior to others. And yet, our message has not penetrated to all areas of society or even to every corner of Christendom. The Internet has made the situation even worse. With just a few clicks, one can find a huge number of false claims about races, racial mixing, racial purity, and what the Bible says about races.

Sadly, we were recently contacted by a person who holds views contrary to our own. This was not the first time we have received such a message, nor is it the first time we are reporting on one, but it has been several years since the last time we tangled with this subject and new articles and ideas have been published in the meantime. Thus, we are taking the time to bring up the issue again. We reproduce his message to us below. After that, we will refute it point by point. This type of writing, however, was not invented in a box. The terminology is associated with long-standing false teachings, mainly from certain groups based in America, but with tendrils across the world. The person writing probably did not think up these things himself. Instead, he appears to be pulling his rhetoric from others. For the record, we disavow any and all such teaching.

This is from “F.D.”:

“God condemns race mixing. Adam is and was the father of the white race. Adam means to show blood in the face, to blush. Only white people show blood in the face red and blush. Race mixing is a sin. Noah was a direct descendant of Adam and he was a white man. It is impossible for a white man to have a black kid, an Asian kid, and a white kid. All of Noah’s sons were of the white race. The other races were created before Adam and Eve. God couldn’t even find a compatible mate for Adam, that is why he had to create one for him. Adam is not the father of all races. That doesn’t make any sense and I can prove what I am saying.”

Our reply:

We are dismayed to read statements like this. Your ideology stems from racist groups, such as the unbefittingly named ‘Christian Identity’ movement. As Christians, we completely repudiate this pernicious belief system! Based on clear teachings of the Bible your statements will be refuted, point by point below. It will be easy to show that you make a lot of broad, sweeping statements that are not based on fact. We do this also to help our readers see how far away from the truth you are. Yet, our ultimate goal would be for you to repent. There is hatred behind the words. You might not feel it, but hatred is what generated these thoughts among the people from whom you learned these ideas. Please give us a moment to point you to a better way of thinking.

Your email raises two important issues. Are all humans related? Or if God created different races, does this mean that some races are favored over others? This could lead to certain undesirable racial implications. The second, but more important issue concerns salvation. If God created different races, does He deal with each one separately? If only one race sinned, does this mean that people from other races aren’t in need of redemption?

“God condemns racial mixing … Race mixing is a sin.”

It is true that God commanded the Jewish people (and only the Jewish people), in the Old Testament, to separate themselves from all other nations. God wanted Israel to be distinct from the surrounding nations so they could preserve their religious identity (Leviticus 21:14; Numbers 36:3–6; Deuteronomy 7:1–5; Ezekiel 44:22), yet the Jewish people never followed through on God’s command. In a mixed religious marriage, there is always a risk that one party will succumb to the religion of the spouse. Time and time again, whenever the Jewish people intermarried with other people groups, it led to idolatry (i.e. Numbers 25:1–9). This is because the pagan spouses would often lead them to worship idols and false gods. In this way Solomon’s many wives drew his heart away from the Lord (1 Kings 11:4). The New Testament also commands believers to marry only “in the Lord” (1 Corinthians 7:39), and not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers (2 Corinthians 6:14). But note that these are religious reasons only! They have nothing to do with ‘race’.

Yet, Israel also was never ‘racially pure’ anyway. Not only did they not start out ‘pure’, they continued to mix with outsiders throughout their entire history. Outsiders from other people groups married into the Jewish race on multiple occasions, and God often blessed or sanctioned those unions. Such people include Ruth the Moabitess who married Boaz (Ruth 4:13–17) after she expressed faith in God (Ruth 1:16). Ruth is included in the genealogies as the great-grandmother of King David and the ancestress of Jesus (Matthew 1:5). Boaz was the son of Salmon, who married Rahab, a pagan prostitute in Jericho who trusted the Lord when she hid the Jewish spies sent by Joshua during the conquest of Israel. Yet God clearly approved of these marriages. In the New Testament, no prohibition of marrying people from other groups remains, since salvation has been extended to the nations (Acts 28:28). The only restriction is that one must marry “only in the Lord”, as already mentioned.

If you are trying to suggest that the non-white races are not human, that they are somehow inferior, or that they are in any way “less” human, you are not going to be able to support your thesis. One NY Times reporter recently tried to make such a case, but we soundly debunked him. It is true that the evolutionary community has a long track record of racist beliefs and teachings. Even Charles Darwin is on record saying things that are considered completely inappropriate today. For example, in his 1871 book The Descent of Man, he wrote:

“At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage races throughout the world … At the same time the anthropological apes … will no doubt be exterminated. The break between man and his nearest allies will then be wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilized state … and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of now between the Negro or Australian and the gorilla.”

Clearly, you and he believe(d) similar things. And yet, over a decade ago, the well-known geneticist Lluis Quintana-Murci said:

“But the genes that explain the phenotypic differences between populations only represent a tiny part of our genome, confirming once again that the concept of ‘race’ from a genetic standpoint has been abolished.”1

Thus, modern evolutionists are repudiating the racist rhetoric of the earlier evolutionists. Their science is finally catching up with the Bible! You now find yourself out on a limb. Neither ‘science’ nor the Bible agree with what you are teaching.

“Adam is and was the father of the white race.”

The Bible never mentions God creating more than one race of humans. God created all of mankind from one man, Adam: “And he made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place” (Acts 17:26). It is true that God allowed different nations and people groups to derive from Adam over the long course of world history, but this verse does not say that people cannot cross these boundaries to intermix with one another. To claim that God placed people groups within certain physical boundaries to prohibit racial mixing is to isolate this verse from the rest of Scripture. As we have seen previously, God sanctioned the marriage of some Jews with non-Jews. We have to interpret isolated verses of Scripture based on the whole of Scripture.

This means that all people are inter-related with one another. It is possible for a man and a woman from any two people groups on earth to interbreed with one another. The genetic difference between any two individuals on Earth is about 0.2% on average. A mere 6% of that 0.2% corresponds to the average genetic difference between two different people groups (i.e. Asians and Europeans). This is clearly minimal, to say the least. People from two different races and people groups can even be organ donors for one another. There is zero evidence that God created multiple races.

It is a known fact in population genetics that there are around 10 million genetic variants among all people on earth. However, a recent paper which describes the comparison of 929 genomes from diverse people groups shows that there are no fixed genetic differences between people groups from larger geographic regions.2 This means that all genetic variants in humans are either shared by all populations on earth, or they are restricted to a subgroup of a subpopulation. No variants are found in all Europeans, all Africans, or all Asians. There is no genetic marker which designates a certain people group as completely distinct from others. In other words, there is no way to separate the world population into ‘races’.

“Adam means to show blood in the face, to blush. Only white people show blood in the face red and blush.”

The Hebrew language gives multiple meanings to some words. The word adam (אָדָם) indeed means red, but it does not mean to blush, or to become red in the face. That is merely a distortion of the word’s original meaning. The word adam also means earth, indicating that Adam was created from the ground. Interestingly, many soils are reddish in color due to their iron content. We do not know what Adam or Noah physically looked like. We often say that Adam probably had middle-brown skin, hair, and eyes, because that would mean he would have the genetics to have children with the entire range of skin colors. Jesus Christ was Jewish, not European. We know that Jews of the first century generally had olive-colored skin with dark hair and eyes. This means that Christianity is not just for white people. In fact, Christianity arrived in Africa (Acts 8:26–40) before it got to Europe, as any Bible reader should easily understand.

“All of Noah’s sons were of the white race.”

Here you make an error of basic logic. If Noah’s sons were all white, everybody today would be white. Everybody alive today is a descendent of Noah and his family, according to what the Bible says:

“… when God’s patience waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was being prepared, in which a few, that is, eight persons, were brought safely through water.” (1 Peter 3:20)

If Noah’s sons’ wives were of a different skin color, all people today would be of mixed race. Think about it: Noah’s descendants would have stayed together until Babel, where all of humanity was united. They were one people (Genesis 11:6), with one culture, and one language. The sons of Ham would have married the daughters of Japheth, and the sons of Japheth the daughters of Shem, etc. There is no opportunity for ‘races’ to develop until after Babel, when the population was subdivided into isolated groups. But that was only about 4,500 years, maybe 150 generations, ago. We are all kissing cousins, and there is nothing you can do to change that.

If you are implying that the Flood was local and only involved a subset of the human race, we would encourage you to accept what the Bible teaches: the Flood was worldwide and every air breathing vertebrate on the planet that was not on the Ark died (Genesis 7:21–23).

If you are suggesting that non-white people were brought on the Ark as chattel, you will fail to explain why humans of all colors are freely interfertile, across the world. There are no barriers to reproduction, because we are the same species, the same created ‘kind’. We source from a single population, which is clear from the genetics, and we have been ‘mixing’ since the dawn of time. Your ideas about race are simply wrong.

According to Isaiah 59:20, “A Redeemer will come to Zion, to those in Jacob who turn from transgression”. Jesus Christ is our kinsman-redeemer, since only a member of the human race can die as a sacrifice for others. It would be pointless for a man to die for an animal. Jesus Christ came to die for people from all people groups. This is the reason God took on flesh and became man. If God had created several races in the beginning, with a white Adam being only one of them, that would mean that there would be several racial groups which are not in need of being saved, which the Bible clearly contradicts (Acts 17:30–31). And that is the real problem. Your ideas conflict with the Bible. It is not enough to lift a single verse here and there to try and support an idea. One must consult the whole of Scripture, and clearly you have not done that. For if you had, you would have seen that Adam is the father of all people and that there is no difference between Africans, Asians, and Europeans in the Bible.

The most shocking thing is that people of European descent, which includes both the authors, would be incorporated into a very Jewish religion. Our pagan Celtic, Germanic, and Hungarian ancestors knew nothing about the events of the Bible. They were as vain and wicked as any people could be. They had no knowledge of the God of the Bible, and history gives us no indication that they even cared before Christianity was brought to their countries. And yet, our Savior sought us out! We are under the umbrella of Jesus’ redemption! We are not Jewish, but Jesus is still our Kinsman Redeemer. Why? Because we are related to him though Adam, the father of all people on earth today (including those native to Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Australia, etc.) and the federal (covenantal) head of humanity.

In conclusion the idea that Adam was white and that God created other races before him has no scriptural or scientific support. Rather, these ideas are derived from now-discredited evolutionary thinking. God loves all people equally, irrespective of their skin color. Likewise, God shows no partiality towards or against any group of people (Romans 2:11). And, God can approve of marriages between any two races. The only important thing is for two believers to marry in the Lord (1Corinthians 7:39). Let us trust God’s Word and not man’s opinion, even over scientific theories of human origins.

References and notes

  1. Quintana-Murci, L. (National Centre for Scientific Research (France)), Human variation chalked up to natural selection: study, PhysOrg.com, 4 Feb 2008. Return to text.
  2. Bergström, A. et al., Insights into human genetic variation and population history from 929 diverse genomes, unpublished manuscript obtained from bioRxiv.org, 2019 | doi:10.1101/674986. Return to text.

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Readers’ comments

Mark T.
This is a contentious issue, especially among modern Jews. They still oppose it today, on biblical grounds: “In order to better understand this issue, we must clarify another point. Not only is it prohibited for a Jew to marry a non-Jewess, it is impossible for a Jew to marry a non-Jewess. Just like in the case of siblings, although prohibited, it is possible for them to live together, it is possible for them to cohabitate, it is even possible for them to procreate, but there is no possibility for marriage to take place.“ The above comes directly from the following Jewish source: [link deleted per feedback rules]On-Intermarriage.htm
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Mark,
According to a June 2, 2014 Haaretz article, one in ten Israeli marriages are inter-faith, with the non-Jewish party often ending up as a second-class citizen. The Bene Israel are Jewish people living in India, who are ethnically different from the Jews in Israel, but who are Jewish by religion, nonetheless. The Israeli Rabbinate ruled in 1964 that people of Bene Israel are fully Jewish, and can marry Jews in Israel. The Beta Israel are a group of people in Ethiopia, who are also Jewish by religion, they have dark skin. Although not common, Ethiopian Jews can still marry non-Ethiopian Jews in Israel. Thus, this is not an issue of race but of religion. And don't forget that Israel is surrounded by Muslim-dominated countries. All of those countries give special perks and privileges to members of specific religions.
Beth H.
Excuse me? "God did not create the facial features of independent races"? Then who did? Your answer sounds a lot like the answer of an evolutionist if you think that people adapted to their environment by changing their facial features themselves. If that is the case, how long will it take for the Muslim population in the upper Midwest to obtain lighter skin and bluer eyes? Why haven't those of African descent changed their features after living here for 400 years? What a baseless statement to say that God did not create the features of the races when the people of each race have distinctive features. So you think Darwin was right in his assessment?
Matthew Cserhati
Hi Beth,
There must be a misunderstanding. Facial features can vary within the human kind. This is only part of natural selection. But we did not inherit them from apes or anything. In the beginning, Adam and Eve could have likely been medium brown in skin colour. But today we have white skin coloured people. This is merely variation within a kind. Adam and Eve also probably didn't have Oriental almond-shaped eyes. The information for these kinds of eyes was in the genome, it's just that it had to be expressed during human variation. The fact of the matter is that some Arabs have lighter coloured eyes (such as in Turkey). If Africans and Europeans have children, their children are light brown in skin colour. My own cousin came from such a mixed marriage, and she has hazel coloured eyes. The reason some people groups may not change so quick is because they strictly intermarry with one another. We're all the same race!
Jordan W.
An excellent refutal of ignorance! Being someone from a mixed family of European and Polynesian descent, I do agree with the idea of Adam and Eve being of a moderate complexion. Both of my parents are about 50% European and 50% Polynesian with moderate skin tone. However in my family three of my sisters appear to be more European - with more fair skin, light brown/blonde hair and blue/green eyes. Myself and two of my other sisters are much darker, with dark hair, eyes and skin. The families of the Patriarchs would have been much similar with a mixture of all of today's cultures! So-called "Christian" groups who espouse white supremacist views are a total contradiction, as the Jews (including Jesus) are Middle Eastern, not white!
Jonathan A.
Certainly you mean for Israel too, right? You can't possibly say race mixing is only for gentiles and exclude Israel--the Jews of the flesh--from mixing with the rest of the human race, right? If it's good for gentiles then it's good for Israel or else you are literally pushing another brand of unBiblical racism. A brand of 'holy hemoglobin' judaizers.
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Jonathan,
Any people group can mix with anyone else. Anyone should be free to marry anyone else, race shouldn't limit this.
John T.
Really messed up comment by Danny, and if it had even an iota of statistical correlation (versus causation), still an elevation of statistics over Biblical truth and authority. When Paul speaks in Galatians 3:28, he speaks of oneness in Christ Jesus. When John writes in Revelation, he shows a multitude before the throne from every tribe, language and nation. On the anecdotal side, my white sister is lovingly married to my black brother in law. Their marriage produced a medical doctor, a missionary/university professor, an engineer, and a Royal Canadian Mounted police officer all of whom love and serve Jesus. Knowing that Danny has chosen to base his argument on perceived outcomes, I would be interested to see what his family has produced or will produce.
Lee H.
Ronald W., they are explaining that somewhere in your Asian aunt's DNA, there were recessive Caucasian genes, otherwise your cousin would look Asian, but have recessive genes for Caucasian features. So, it only took one generation (and the right genetic combination) for your Aunt's recessive Caucasian genes to be expressed in your cousin. Even if the Caucasian genes were recessive for generations and generations, it only takes the right combination one time for them to be expressed again. Like how generations of brown eyed people can carry recessive genes for blue eyes, and then it only takes one of them to reproduce with another person with the recessive gene (two brown eyed people can have children with blue eyes, though the chances are fewer), but if they reproduce with someone who has blue eyes (and can only pass down the recessive trait), the chances of their children having blue eyes is higher (though they might still have brown eyes and just pass the recessive blue eyed gene down to their own children). So, in order for your cousin to have Caucasian traits, your Asian aunt had them already in her DNA, just recessively. How many generations back? It would be interesting to know. That means that someone in her ancestry had Caucasian DNA, and even after generations of Asian dominant DNA marrying Asian dominant DNA, she was still able to pass them down to your cousin. Which means, the Caucasian DNA wasn't "bred out" even after (possibly many) successive generations of Asian dominant DNA being expressed.
David J.
God divided the families of mankind into language groups so that they would not remain unified in their idolatry. This led to genetic isolation and the formation of races (or "people groups" for the hyper-sensitive snowflakes out there). God was not surprised by this racial formation. That was the goal. The George Soros/New World Order/Open Borders crowd are aligned with the Religious Left in pushing globalism and miscegenation.
Matthew Cserhati
Hi David,
Conspiracy theories aside, the Bible never condemns racial mixing. Also, miscegenation is an unacceptable, racist term. Any two people on earth can mix with each other.
Ian B.
A simple observation . Why do we not find black people naturally in Siberia? Or white people on the equator? There has to be a reason causing this natural selection. Has not God genetically coded people to adapt to their environment and as a result geographically those are their bounds that HE has placed for all races , designated by their gene/chromosome mix? Yes white people can adjust to take the temperatures of the equator as black people can to the Arctic, but primarily their genes/chromosomes were designed for a different location and simply put black skins can take fierce sun better then white. This would not preclude that cross race marriage is OK but it would hardly be normal as previous generations would rarely ever come across different racial groups and anyway culturally it would be advised against and resisted so probably wouldnt have happened..the significant bible references are to individuals not people groups . However, take the mass transportation of primarily black races to the New World as slaves..Or colonial races to Europe and we have an unnatural grouping of peoples outside of the bounds set for them by God. Then declare them free in your society and able to participate at all levels and suddenly we have the cultural diversity in the midst of countries out of place with where their DNA should have them, causing misunderstanding , they are then opposed, denigrated and racialised. So although mixed marriages are not forbidden they should have been extremely rare, but the greed of man has blurred the boundaries and stored up huge tensions for other generations by removing people from the bounds set by God and transferring them to the wrong regions. So whether we can draw anything from this remains to be seen..mixed marriages are OK but not wise?
Robert Carter
Simple answers: 1) Maybe people migrated to places they prefer? 2) There are many places where light-skinned and dark-skinned people live side by side, even in equatorial regions. This includes India and Melanesia, to site examples of ancient migrations, and Australia, to cite an area of recent migration. Would you consider Chinese people dark? No. Then why do people of Chinese ancestry dominate the equatorial regions of Island Southeast Asia? Because you are wrong about skin color vs. temperature.

Also, you are assuming God has placed limits on where people can live. You will look in vain for biblical support for this idea. Please refer to the main article.

Yes, melanin-rich people can withstand sunlight better than those with lighter skin, but it has more to do with folate destruction by ultraviolet light and vitamin D production in the skin than heat or intensity. You have to get your biochemistry straight. Darker skinned people might have more trouble at high latitudes due to low vitamin D production than light-skinned people do at low latitudes due to folate destruction. But light-skinned people can always wear a hat and dark-skinned people can always eat fish. Think about Eskimos.

Mixed-race marriages Probably wouldn't have happened? You need to study the genetic effects of the Colonial period. And you have to understand the the genetic differences between the groups that merged into modern Europeans (the dark-skinned hunter gatherers, the Anatolian farmers who came later, and the Yamnaya culture of the Pontic Steppe who came last). The differences were greater than currently exist between Europeans and East Asians.

And, no, there is no tension stored up in our society. The opposite is happening. I live in Georgia, a former slave state and an area of the US with endemic racial problems. But everywhere I go I see mixed-race couples and mixed-race children, because hardly nobody cares about skin color anymore. There is great hope for the future of our country.
Mark T.
Meanwhile, the state of Israel forbids Jews to marry non-Jews. For them “racial mixing” is strictly verboten. Go figure.
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Mark,
This statement is false on several counts. Judaism is a religion, not a race. Israelites and non-Israelites have mixed with one another all throughout their history. Furthermore, that law may be incorrect, Israel never banned Jews marrying non-Jews.
Beth H.
I have to disagree with your contention that racial mixing is "perfectly biblical". There is no record of when the different races began, but I'm guessing that it happened when God separated people by language at the tower of Babel event. He went to a great effort to confuse the languages and apparently to group people according to where he sent them to live, in the different regions of the world, with the black races being predominantly in the hot equatorial regions, the fairer skinned Europeans in the cooler areas, and the yellow, slanted eye people in the colder regions where the sun would glint off the ever-present snow, creating a problem for round eye people but not for them, as God created their facial features to accommodate the climate conditions. None of this is a "reason" to not intermarry necessarily, but what has happened to the world since people have set out to undo what God did? The attitude pre-Babel was one of arrogant pride, haughty self-serving "I am my own god". Have we not come full circle back to that mind-set by defying what God did? The Identity movement is totally wrong in their contention that the white race (or any race) is superior. Jesus sent the disciples to go into ALL the world preaching the gospel. He didn't say go and find your wives among the other races, and neither did he prohibit it. From the standpoint of the children who are mixed, have you not seen and heard of them trying to find their identity, of not fitting in, feeling guilty for choosing one of their races over the other? Your statement that "Love and marriage knows no bounds" would encourage gays to claim that idea for their ungodly ways.
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Beth,
Just a few notes: 1. God did not create the facial features of independent races. God created humans so that they could genetically adapt to different environments. 2. Children from mixed marriages should be able to fit in, and if they don't, it's because of other peoples' bad attitudes. They shouldn't worry about what they look like, because God made them that way, and God makes no mistakes. God loves all people, even from mixed marriages. 3. Love knows no *ethnic* bounds, so gays cannot lay claim to this.
Cath J.
In answer to Ronald, it seems that a lot of racism seems to be about trying to ban certain cultures (for example the Ainu), which probably comes from fear of change or of being taken over, rather than just banning a certain skin colour. Obviously it will be difficult to stamp out racism on skin colour due to evolutionary theory influences. I am classic WASP (MY Heritage DNA test 90% UK/Scandinavian origin) and my husband was born as a South African coloured, with genes from Kenya and Central Africa countries, various Asian countrie (35%)s, Iberian peninsula and some Scandinavian. He got a lot of grief from extended family members about thinking he was better than them because he married a "white" person. It was our Christian faith that brought us together (and keeps us together despite opposition). Our daughter looks like me and our son looks like him, and they are the best of friends. No one blinks an eye these days. Here in Australia a large percentage of marriages are now what used to be called "mixed" for example my Burmese friend is married to a man with Chinese heritage from Singapore. My Indonesian friend is married to someone with Chinese heritage also from Singapore. I have Indian friends married to people from a UK background. This is the future. I love the fact you can bring Christians together from all over the world and we can be family, because we all have the Holy Spirit guiding us. I definitely can connect with Christian friends from other countries more closely than my non-Christian birth family!
Alice O.
Thank you CMI for this excellent biblical article. I am Asian and my husband is Caucasian. Our beautiful daughter is fair in complexion but not entirely “white”, has dark brown hair, hazel eyes AND mixed facial features. This mixed melanin, hair and eyes colour and facial features are also found in the mixed marriages of my nephew and numerous of my friends. It is amazing how people who wish to debunk our creator God would close their minds to fair research but jump immediately onto what fits into their own prejudices and cling on to it. I am particularly sad that some Christians would try to use their own experiences and/or unfounded worldly facts to challenge the sufficient, inerrant, immutable and Spirit inspired word of of God.
David B.
I had a colleague, Dominic, who was very black. He and I were good friends. One day we were chatting, and I teased him about something. To my astonishment, he began to blush! It wasn't so much that his face became red; rather his shade of blackness visibly changed (I believe that in the motor trade there are many car colours, all of which are 'black'.) I mention this episode in order to refute F.D.'s original comment that "Only white people show blood in the face red and blush."
Christian A.
When attempts to explain that Christianity is biblically mandated to be racist put forward, many might cite the idea of the Israelites being told by God never to marry or mingle in any other way with the "uncircumcised" cultures of the world. In truth, this is an anti-theistic fallacy, in that it completely sidesteps the real issue. Solomon had up to 700 wives and many concubines. These women in turn attempted to persuade Solomon to worship their own pagan idol gods instead of the Lord, and it is for this reason and this reason only that Israel was punished for the King's interracial marriages. When one looks at the real facts of the Bible, we see that what God is disciplining here is not a clash of races, but a clash of cultures.When one thinks about the clash of cultures in this way, we come to realise that Christianity has a prejudice against different cultures, not different races. The Spanish conquistadors were not anti-Mesoamerican, they were anti-human sacrifice. Lutherans were not anti-Semitic, they were anti-pharisaical. God mandated a purity of culture, and not a purity of race.
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Christian,
To be more exact, I would say that it's the world versus the church. The world always has a bad effect on the church, a mixed marriage between believers and non-believers leads more than than it does not to the weakening of the believing party.
Margaret K.
Truths from the Bible bring such peace; the lessons by Jesus in the New Testament bring sure hope. The temptation towards rumours and division does not come from God; He is the God of love and truth and joy and hope - even in, or especially in, hard times. I pray for those who lean towards dangerous error, that they will find the truth and enter a whole new chapter of life without the burdens that steal their peace. Thank you CMI.
Diana S.
Excellently explained and clarified with thorough referencing to the bible to refute the statement made. I loved the in-depth explanation as it put my understanding and beliefs in writing. Thank you CMI! It is a shame in this day and age that there are still some living with this notion and misconception.
Kenneth H.
I thank God that there is only ONE RACE... the HUMAN RACE! Christ Jesus, son of Adam, "is our peace, who has made us both one and has broken down in his flesh the dividing wall of hostility" (Ephesians 2:14 ESV) "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." (Galatians 3:28 ESV)
Danny B.
No your wrong......data shows mixed race marriages have a higher incidence of divorce and child abuse......
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Danny,
Do you have some statistics to back up your claim? Even if what you're saying is true, it really is only because of peoples' wrong mentalities. People should not be thought less of because of their ethnicity.
Ronald W.
Greetings Mr Cserhati, I'm not sure what "well-defined traits haven't been fixed over long periods of time" is supposed to mean. It makes no difference to the observable fact that children from mixed marriages do not resemble at least one parent's race/group (sometimes neither). And I believe this is why many people get upset over this, it is the notion that the 'losing' parent's side has been 'eliminated', therefore mixed marriages/relations are a threat to at least one group, maybe even both. Going back to the Brazilian example, we've all heard of how some places tried to ban black-white marriages and how bad that is, but Brazil provides an interesting counterexample. There, from what I've read, black-white marriages were actively encouraged, with the intended goal of eliminating black characteristics (therefore, black people as a whole?) out of the population. What on earth do we say to that? Similarly with the Ainu, they were originally a distinct group from the main Japanese people (including supposedly, more body hair). They were long suppressed by the main Japanese and among other things, their women were encouraged to marry Japanese men, with the understanding this will eventually wipe out Ainu identity. Nowadays, according to what I've read, there may be no 'pure' Ainu left. There are many mixed descendants around, but they are honestly a 'diluted' people with tenuous links to the original Ainu identity. The Japanese have pretty much accomplished their goals. If your 'love and marriage knows no bounds' comment was meant to refer to my cousin's family, I'm sorry to say it didn't work out. White uncle literally walked out on my aunt for some younger woman and died in that woman's home shortly thereafter. Sordid ending.

Apart from all that, have a nice day.
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Ronald,
What I mean by well-defined traits not being fixed is this: say you have a people group (or 'race' if you will), which may seem to have well-defined characteristics. These people may still be able to have kids, who will look different than their parents. A well-known example is the two-tone twins. The parents are both medium brown in skin colour, yet they gave birth to a baby girl who is white in skin colour. This means that the parents both had genes for lighter skin colour in their DNA, and a certain combination of these genes brought out the white skin colour. You might know that there are people in Turkey and in Spain who have a lighter complexion, grey eyes, for example. I had a Muslim colleague from Turkey who was like this. So for example, in Brazil, even though mixed marriages are encouraged, this will not eliminate the black at all. All that needs to happen is for darker people to start marrying each other, and they can reproduce the black skin colour in subsequent generations. Also note that not only blacks but also whites would be eliminated. What this means is that there is really only one genetically defined race, the human race (since any two humans of opposite sex can have children). 'Races' may rather be used to describe people groups who are defined by their culture. As we state in our article, there are 10 million common DNA variants in the genomes of people all over the world. You can't say that a certain people group has a monopoly on any one set of DNA variants. This also means that since these 10 million DNA variants are all over the world, that people groups have freely mixed with each other all throughout history.
Cameron G.
I agree with you. The Bible tells us that we can't marry unbelievers if we are believers but says nothing about marrying different races or ethnicities. Biologically speaking it might even be a good idea to marry someone not so closely related to yourself. And the difference between races and DNA is so small it's ridiculous.
Wanda G.
TELL 'EM, CMI! Man, I love this site.
Brandon L.
It's a shame that people are trying to use the Bible to spread such crazy racist nonsense. Thank you for your response and for sharing it. Those people need serious help, they need Jesus to take the blinders off and to fix their hearts.
Ronald W.
In so far as countering and refuting strange notions about Adam and Eve must be white, CMI is to be commended. But to argue that racial mixing and mixed marriages must be entirely ok, I'm not so sure. Let's face it, let's be honest, we are all descended from Adam and Eve, but all the same we have all long since developed into various differing groups with different physical characteristics. Don't bother trying to say otherwise, it'd be dishonest. It's also an honest fact that if people of different races/groups were to marry, their children are very likely not going to resemble the race of at least one parent. I believe this is what upsets and provokes many people, it is the notion that the 'losing' parent's race has been 'bred out' and therefore mixed-race marriages are a threat to at least one race. I am pure Chinese and I have a cousin that's technically half-white, half Chinese (her mom, my Chinese aunt, married a white Englishman). If you see my cousin, you and everyone else will swear she's a total brunette-haired, grey-eyed white girl; she has no obvious Chinese physical characteristics at all. Her Chinese 'side' is effectively gone and there's no denying it. I don't hate my cousin but on the other hand, she's living, walking, undeniable proof you can eliminate racial characteristics. Furthermore, did you ever hear of Brazil's 'racial whitening' policy where they did encouraged white-black marriages with the intent of breeding out black racial characteristics (therefore all of black people?) out of their population? Or how the Japanese effectively destroyed their Ainu minority by encouraging Ainu women to marry Japanese men, with the intent of eliminating Ainu identity? Mixed marriages may not be as inconsequential as you think. Best stay neutral.
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Ronald,
I disagree. The only difference between let's say Africans and Europeans is skin color. And not even the skin colour gene, but only the amount of pigment produced in dark and light skin. Let me just point out that you claim that "we have all long since developed into various differing groups with different physical characteristics", but at the same time your cousin, who is half Chinese, half white looks like a white brunette. So it seems like these well-defined traits haven't been fixed over long periods of time after all. That's the thing with genetics. A recessive trait can be hidden in a population which exhibits a dominant trait, something we'll be talking about that in an upcoming article on Jacob's sheep in Genesis 30-31. This means that species, races, or people groups are not purely defined by a certain group of character traits. On a further note, it is a perfectly acceptable, and beautiful thing to see people from different nations marrying each other. Love and marriage knows no bounds.
Mel M.
I don’t think it’s right to say every air breathing vertebrate died. Marine mammals, whales and dolphins, are air breathing vertebrates but could have survived in the water.
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Mel,
Yes, you are quite right. That's what we say in this article on fish and plants surviving the flood.
Douglas L.
Writer Glenn W. brought up an interesting question that middle brown ethnic groups don't produce other skin colors. His point being that this would show the necessity of Adam and Eve being of different skin tones in order to produce diversity quickly. I think this would be wrong because the geographically separated groups would probably experience a loss of genetic diversity or as Jeanson would analyze it, a loss of heterozygosity. There may be other factors involved also. Anyway, that's my initial thought as a non-biologist so I would like to see someone more knowledgeable than I address Glenn's question. I think Rob Carter has pointed out in the past that Eve could have been a clone of Adam. But maybe a short article expanding on that would help clarify the question about how that could have produced the current genetic diversity.
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Doug,
Actually, we have several articles on our website which deal with how the different skin colours arose from Adam and Eve. For example, this article directly addresses your question. Another article here deals with the origin of races.
Dan M.
I hate that word, "races"! Its meaning has been corrupted to sow discord among the different cultural groups of the world. We are, all of us, Adam's race, (human) of children. It has been misinterpreted to commit atrocities across the globe in the name of superior breeding, (national identity) and the evolutionary paradigm has lent false credibility to this basis of thinking. We refer to people as, white, black and yellow but we are in fact, all the same color. It depends on the amount of pigment, (melanin) produced in your skin, period! We also have some general physical differences between people groups such as height, build and hair texture, but this is due to genetic drift in relation to the geographical isolation of the different people groups. God will not allow anyone with a bad attitude, (non-repentant) to come into His kingdom, (Mar 12:30-31.) We talk a lot about sin; but what is sin? Simply put, sin is a bad attitude! The word repent, simply means to change one's mind, (attitude.) I wouldn't let someone into my home whom I knew had a bad attitude and neither will my father in heaven. Heaven is going to be a place of worship, communion, and love, 1 Jn 4:7-11. If you have a bad attitude and want to go there for eternity, you had better repent of your bad attitudes! I can't reconcile in my mind how anyone who is a racist can claim to be a Christian? The enemy has most certainly clouded their minds! We must return to, Sola Scriptura.
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Dan,
Thanks for your comment, we definitely agree that racism is an egregious sin, and that people should repent of this bad mindset. I just want to add that sin is also more than a 'bad attitude'. It is active rebellion against God, following the pattern of Adam and Eve, and moreover the transgression of God's law.
Glenn W.
There is an assumption (even among creationists) that Adam and Eve’s complexions were similar and middle brown. The possibility that they were opposite in color is never posited, which I believe, is not to offend certain people. The varied melanin differences therefore would have occurred in the first generation, NOT needing successive generations to slowly change. After all, we have immense middle brown populations all over the world today which don’t produce large differences within them after thousands of years.
Matthew Cserhati
Hello Glenn,
Adam and Eve could have been the same complexion, because Eve was taken from Adam's side.
Just like Mordecai told Esther that "she was Born for a time like this" (Esther 4:13), the God of all Creations knew that time like this will come in human history where truth would be exchanged for falsehood. That is why CMI was birthed for the falsehood of Godless generations of our time. Think of it, If God created only white People then the Jews were not created by God because Semitic People are not Caucasians! Those who are saying racial mixing is not biblical are neither Christians nor Student of the bible. They are racist bigots who are also atheist. In Numbers 12:1-10, Miriam, Moses Elder Sister had to be smitten with leprosy by God because she opposed Moses marriage to an Ethiopian Woman! This shows that God regards all people as one. If God can afflict Miriam who probably was the one who took Moses from Pharaoh daughter to give to their Mother to nurse (and Moses was already 80 years old at the time Exodus of the Jews from Egypt) you wonder which God these people are talking about. As pointed out in the book of Acts “And GOD made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling place” (Acts17:26). One of my most Favorite quotes from the bible from is the book of Jeremiah Chapter 38:6-18 "Go and speak to Ebedmelech the Ethiopian saying, " I will deliver thee that day, saith the LORD: and thou shall not be given into the hand of men of whom thou are afraid, FOR I WILL SURELY DELIVER THEE, AND THOU SHALL NOT FALL BY THE SWORD, BUT THY LIFE SHALL BE FOR A PREY UNTO THEE: BECAUSE THOU HAS PUT THY TRUST IN ME, SAITH THE LORD"
This Ethiopian played crucial roles in Jeremiah Life that GOD commended him, which God is F.D. talking about? Certainly not our Christian God!
Bill P.
Those who claim to be Christians and then turn around and use "RACE" the same way this evil world has used it since "The Fall" has always rubbed me the wrong way, even before GOD had mercy on me and I became a believer in The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Spanish, Jewish, and Polish blood flows through my body, I was raised in Buffalo N.Y. served in the U.S. Navy, visited almost 2 dozen countries during that time, and spent time w/people from ALL different "ETHNIC" backgrounds and grew up KNOWING that this was a good thing. Then in my late 20's I became a believer in The Gospel. I'm now in my mid 60's and The Lord has taught me many good and wonderful things since then. I know sin is behind those (non believers and those who claim to be believers) who have used this as an excuse to exterminate a people over history. When those who claim to believe the Gospel do as the world does I ask them "why do you ignore what God has to say about this in Acts 17 v. 26-27". ONLY the return of Jesus Christ will put and end to mankind using this as 1 of many excuses to destroy one another. The father of ALL lies and murders started this and his influence in people's life's (like a Darwin and those who believe his teachings and hate hate The Word of God) have added fuel to the fire of this SIN. I believe that Today it's worse than ever thanks to evolution and leaders of many countries and those in power. The Only Hope is Jesus Christ putting an end to this. "Even so Jesus please return quickly".
Ashley H.
For those who are blind: how important is skin color? for the deaf: accents? Thank you for an excellent article!
Douglas W.
Thank you for standing against such satanic ideas. I am absolutely with CMI Staff.
Eric P.
When addressing those who subscribe to such racism, particularly those of the so-called Christian Identity [increasingly just called the Identity movement] care should be taken with using the word "Jew" to describe the children of Israel. Christian Identity teaches that the Jews are the "seed of Satan" and that they hijacked the inheritance of Israel which was originally composed of white people. After they were taken captive by Assyria and Babylon, this "white" Israel made its way north into Europe. The "Jews" who were race mixers, were then able to take over Israel's identity and pretend to be God's chosen people whereas in "reality", the "true" white Israel was in Europe. Some thus believe that Jesus was a survivor of white Israel. In this sense, the Christian Identity movement is a more toxically racists form of British Israelitism of the 19th century.
Matthew Cserhati
Thanks, Eric,
Let's also add that there is no genetic basis for CI's racism, for reasons listed in the article. Another example we could cite is the well-known case of best mates Bill and 'Snow' in Australia. Even though Bill was black, and in need of a kidney transplant, the best match he could get was from his mate, Snow, and not from another white person. Genetic differences between 'races' are trivial!
Ramón R.
Thank you. This analysis is very important. Without a doubt, The Word of God is the scientific reference par excellence, and guides us in seeking answers to complicated and delicate situations such as these.
Thank you very much from Venezuela!

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