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You can download these professionally produced 60-second audio files to play on your own radio programs, church website or even personal website.

The clips deal with some of the most-asked questions and topical subjects in the media today.

Each clip has been produced with a closing trailer/tag with two different voice formats to be suitable for your own country. One ending tag can be heard with a standard North American accent. The other ending tag had a standard British or neutral accent. The main narration voice is the same for both.

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Peter's Prophesy - (1:00)
"In his second letter, the Apostle Peter links Jesus’ second coming and judgment of the whole world to the historical reality of Noah’s flood. He…..."
Skepticism, Probability, and Common Sense - (1:00)
"Imagine hearing that someone has just won the lottery three times in the same year, or a golfer has hit five consecutive holes-in-one! We approach such…..."
Evidence for God - (1:00)
"Someone might ask, "How can you believe in God when there isn't a single shred of evidence—how can you take that leap of faith?" But on the contrary,…..."
Genesis is Revelation - (1:00)
"Have you ever stared at something and thought about how God created every single atomic particle in it—from nothing— and designed the mechanisms and…..."
The Key to Earth History - (1:00)
"Over three chapters, the book of Genesis vividly describes a worldwide flood that began with the all the fountains of the great deep bursting forth, and…..."
Dinosaurs in the Bible - Behemoth - (1:00)
"A question people often ask is “Does the Bible mention dinosaurs”? You might expect that the Bible would mention the most impressive land-dwelling…..."
Pain in Pedigree Pups - (1:00)
"The breeding of pedigree dogs is causing them to suffer great pain. According to Steve Jones, Professor of genetics at University College London, some…..."
Stasis - (1:00)
"In nature documentaries and science text books, one often hears about creatures that arrived at their body plan very early in evolutionary history and…..."
Change Is Not Enough - (1:00)
"It’s often claimed that evolution is simply change over time, and since change over time can be seen everywhere, then evolution is obviously true. But…..."
Naturalism - (1:00)
"One of the basic tenets of science is that open-mindedness is critically important, and the evidence should be followed wherever it may lead. But some…..."
Leviathan - (1:00)
"In Job 40, in response to Job’s questioning of God’s wisdom, God sets out his credentials and challenges Job to answer a 77-question “creation…..."
The Kennel Club - (1:00)
"In 2008 the BBC produced a controversial documentary on the harmful effects of pedigree dog shows. According to the documentary, many dog breeders are…..."
Reinforcement Syndrome - (1:00)
"In 1923 American microscopist Theophilus Painter announced to the world that humans have 48 chromosomes. This number was repeated like a mantra for…..."
Parasitic DNA - (1:00)
"Is the human genome full of parasites? This might sound like a ridiculous question, but some biologists claim that it is! The Human Genome Project…..."
Long Distance Travellers - (1:00)
"Many people have trouble understanding how animals got to distant places around the world after disembarking from Noah’s ark. While it is quite likely…..."
Human Genetic Variation - (1:00)
"Many people are under the mistaken impression that people from different racial backgrounds have big differences in their DNA instructions. But this is…..."
Glacial Deposits in Flood Rocks - (1:00)
"Who would have ever thought that scratches in rocks could disprove the biblical Flood? Well, scratches in rock, called striations, are sometimes caused by…..."
Fitting Dinosaurs on the Ark - (1:00)
"Have you ever wondered how Noah would’ve fitted dinosaurs on the ark? For example, how would a large sauropod like Brachiosaurus even get in the door? …..."
Evolutions Failed Predictions - (1:00)
"Dinosaur fossils are often found in an unusual posture characterized by their head thrown back, hind limbs bent and tails extended. Over the years,…..."
Death Throes - (1:00)
"Dinosaur fossils are often found in an unusual posture characterized by their head thrown back, hind limbs bent and tails extended. Over the years,…..."
Atheist Buses - (1:00)
"Atheists in the United Kingdom have launched a public campaign to preach their message of unbelief by using advertising space on public buses. These…..."
Y Chromosome Abraham - (1:00)
"Abraham’s life left a legacy in many different ways, but have you ever stopped to consider the legacy of his Y chromosome? The Y chromosome is unique…..."
Wollemi Pine - (1:00)
"When scientists announced the discovery of the Wollemi Pine in Australia, in 1994, it caused a sensation. Some reported that it was like finding a living…..."
Why Nail Biters Don't Cry - (1:00)
"Scientists have just found out what you always wanted to know: why do fingernails, when nibbled or torn, tend to tear across the nail rather than…..."
The Roswell Incident - (1:00)
"In 1947 a crash landing occurred in Roswell, New Mexico, that people still talk about. According to many UFO believers, aliens from another world…..."
The Cambrian Explosion - (1:00)
"When most people hear the word ‘explosion’, they often think of destroyed buildings and injured people. But geologists have long recognized a…..."
The Big Bang - (1:00)
"In 2004 New Scientist magazine published an Open Letter to the Scientific Community in which 33 leading scientists blasted the big bang. Their…..."
T-Rex Red Blood Cells - (1:00)
"In the early nineties, researchers from Montana State University made a startling discovery. Inspecting a piece of T. rex bone under a microscope, they…..."
Surtsey Still Surprises - (1:00)
"Formed by a volcanic eruption in 1963, the Island of Surtsey, near Iceland, has intrigued scientists because it looks like landscapes most think are much…..."
Small Dogs Are Mutants - (1:00)
"Dogs vary greatly in size, from Chihuahua to Great Dane, yet they are all part of the dog—or wolf—created kind. They can all interbreed. Researchers…..."
Sickle Cell Anemia - (1:00)
"In some parts of Africa, it is actually an advantage to have mutated, oddly-shaped red blood cells. This condition, known as sickle cell anemia, is…..."
SETI - (1:00)
"For many years, radio telescopes have been scanning the heavens as part of a program known as SETI. SETI stands for the Search for Extraterrestrial…..."
Sea Spiders - (1:00)
"Scientists studying fossil ‘sea spiders’ from ‘Jurassic’ rock found they are just the same as today’s sea spiders. By evolutionary reckoning,…..."
Sahelanthropus tchadensis (Toumai) - (1:00)
"In 2001 a fossil skull found in Chad electrified the world’s scientific community. Nicknamed ‘Toumai’, this creature supposedly lived when the…..."
Radiocarbon in Diamonds - (1:00)
"You’ve probably heard that, ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, but diamonds also teach us an important lesson about the age of the…..."
Quick Granites - (1:00)
"People with granite bench tops in their kitchens are usually very proud of them, never failing to show them off to visitors. But that’s not…..."
Polystrate Fossils - (1:00)
"Most people are under the impression that coal forms slowly in swamps over millions of years. But this view neglects the testimony of tree trunk fossils…..."
Peacock Poppycock - (1:00)
"How did the peacock get such a spectacular tail? Bothered by this question, Charles Darwin wrote: ‘The sight of a feather in a peacock’s tail,…..."
Origin of Life - (1:00)
"According to Skeptics, one of the characteristics of a pseudo-scientific theory is that it contradicts a known scientific law. For instance, in…..."
Origin of Flight - (1:00)
"You’ve probably heard the saying that lightning never strikes twice. This means that highly unlikely events, if they do occur, won’t happen again. …..."
Nobel Discrimination - (1:00)
"In 2003, the Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to the pioneers of MRI scanning technology. But of those honored for this amazing medical breakthrough,…..."
Neandertal Man - (1:00)
"Every time I hear of Neandertal man, I cannot help but feel sorry for the poor guy. Initially reconstructed to look like some apish brute, it took 44…..."
Mud and the Flood - (1:00)
"Who would have ever thought that too much mud could supposedly disprove the Bible? Well, mudstone—which is rock formed from mud—makes up a huge…..."
Monkey Madness - (1:00)
"It has long been claimed that monkeys typing randomly could eventually type out the complete works of Shakespeare. Plymouth University researchers…..."
Mitochondrial Eve - (1:00)
"Many people scoff at the idea that all humans descended from a woman called Eve only thousands of years ago. But geneticists actually endorse a similar…..."
Made In God's Image - (1:00)
"For a long time we’ve been told that human and chimp DNA is over 98% identical, but even though this figure has now been revised to 95% or less, does…..."
Lucy the Knuckle Walker - (1:00)
"If you have ever tried to knuckle-walk on all fours like a gorilla, you’d soon realize that it’s difficult to do. But some apes do this with ease,…..."
Laetoli Footprints - (1:00)
"In 1978, a team led by Mary Leakey discovered a series of footprints in Tanzania. These are known as the Laetoli footprints. According to many…..."
Junk DNA - (1:00)
"Many biologists have long touted that much of our DNA is useless junk. Richard Dawkins put it this way: “Can we measure the information capacity…..."
Inverted Retinas - (1:00)
"Many claim that our eyes’ retinas are wired ‘backwards’. Thus, they say, our eyes could not have been specially designed, because an intelligent…..."
Information and the Origin of Life - (1:00)
"What is something that computers and humans have in common, which constantly needs upgrading in computers, but not in humans? The answer is software. …..."
Hypertension - (1:00)
"If you suffer from high blood pressure, you’re certainly not alone. The incidence of high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is on the…..."
Human from the Start - (1:00)
"Half a century ago, Nobel prize-winning biologist Sir Peter Medawar made a startling comment. He declared that the survival of a child in a mother’s…..."
Global Flood on Mars - (1:00)
"In recent years, NASA probes have sent back images of our nearest planet Mars. These images have prompted some scientists to suggest that a global flood…..."
Genetic Entropy - (1:00)
"Calling someone a mutant is an insult, because mutations, which are copying mistakes in DNA, are almost always bad. In fact, we know many mutations by…..."
Finely Tuned Earth - (1:00)
"If you were able to choose the planet you lived on, which one would it be? Well, I’d definitely choose Earth, because it is so well suited for…..."
Feathered Dinosaurs - (1:00)
"Unless you’ve been living underground for the last few years, I’m sure you’ve heard of feathered dinosaurs. It seems we’re constantly hearing…..."
Exploding Whales - (1:00)
"Did you hear about the whale that exploded? In 2001 a dead whale found floating off the coast of South Australia did just that. Authorities became…..."
Evolution and Purpose in Life - (1:00)
"At a forum on depression, a young man made said: ‘I think that some people may have an inability to cope, and maybe this might sound a bit extreme,…..."
Equilibrium Universe - (1:00)
"Isn’t it frustrating when your coffee goes cold before you get to drink it? The next time this happens, instead of grumbling, perhaps you should…..."
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