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Creation Magazine - 1 Year Print & Digital

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The Creation Answers Book
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Reach America & Refute Evolution!

Help Answers in Genesis get Refuting Evolution into the hands of thousands of students, parents, and teachers around the United States! We believe that offering a special price for Refuting Evolution in your local newspaper will help impact students in your very own community! Please read this encouraging testimony from a public high school teacher …

Dear Ken Ham:

I received your newsletter and ordered 10 books (of Refuting Evolution). I am a social studies teacher in a public high school. Then I thought of some fellow teachers who might also be interested. The biology teacher ordered 10, the math teacher 10, and another ordered 10. An original order for 10 has turned into 40. I am blessed by your organization's willingness to make these books affordable and easy to pass out.

—D.H., letter of 1 Sept. 2000

If you are interested in purchasing an ad in your local newspaper, please e-mail our Internet Development Department with the following information:

  • Your full name:
  • Your daytime telephone number (including area code):
  • Your complete mailing address:
  • Local newspaper name:
  • Local newspaper phone number (including area code):
  • Estimated circulation:
  • What date and section of the newspaper do you recommend the ad be placed:

NOTE: The ad must be a quarter page, half page, or full page in order to effectively offer Refuting Evolution at our special price.

Please send your e-mail with all the above information to Web feedback

They say the Bible has been proven wrong by science. Whoever said that hasn’t been to Please give so we can give … information that leads people to Christ our Savior. Support this site

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