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Refuting Evolution -- study guide: Lesson 3

Refuting Evolution
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati


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Foreword & Introduction

Chapter 1
Facts & Bias

Chapter 2
Variation and Natural Selection Versus Evolution

Chapter 3
The Links Are Missing

Chapter 4
Bird Evolution?

Chapter 5
Whale Evolution?

Chapter 6
Humans: Images of God or Advanced Apes?

Chapter 7

Chapter 8
How Old Is the Earth?

Chapter 9
Is the Design Explanation Legitimate?

Chapter 10

Lesson 3

Chapter 3: The Links Are Missing

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Discussion questions:

  1. What do the comments by E.O. Wilson and W.B. Provine about an alleged ‘missing link’ between wasps and ants again reveal about the nature of ‘evidence’?
  2. List some reasons evolutionists give for the apparent lack of ‘transitional’ fossils.
  3. What are the requirements for fossilization?
  4. Outline the evolutionary story behind the transition from fish to amphibian. List some of the problems with this story.
  5. What are the alleged ‘transitional forms’ between amphibians and reptiles? Describe the problems with this idea.
  6. What animals are listed by evolutionists as ‘transitional’ between reptiles and mammals? Outline the overall problems with the idea that reptiles eventually gave rise to mammals.
  7. Why is it not advisable to say, ‘There are no transitional fossils’?
  8. What is a ‘living fossil’? What is the significance of a ‘living fossil’?


  1. Evidence can be interpreted in different ways, based on one's worldview.
  2. See pages 51-53.
  3. A well-preserved fossil generally requires rapid burial, and cementing agents to harden the fossil quickly. This is usually caused by a catastrophic condition.
  4. Formulate your own response—see pages 53-54. See also Q&A: Fossils.
  5. Formulate your own response—see pages 54. See also Q&A: Fossils.
  6. Formulate your own response—see pages 54-55. See also Q&A: Fossils.
  7. See Arguments creationists should not use.
  8. Living fossils are animals or plants that are also found in the fossil record. Living fossils show that things stay basically the same over time. See Q&A: Living Fossils.