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Refuting Evolution -- study guide: Lesson 6

Refuting Evolution
by Dr Jonathan Sarfati


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Foreword & Introduction

Chapter 1
Facts & Bias

Chapter 2
Variation and Natural Selection Versus Evolution

Chapter 3
The Links Are Missing

Chapter 4
Bird Evolution?

Chapter 5
Whale Evolution?

Chapter 6
Humans: Images of God or Advanced Apes?

Chapter 7

Chapter 8
How Old Is the Earth?

Chapter 9
Is the Design Explanation Legitimate?

Chapter 10

Lesson 6

Chapter 6: Humans: Images of God or Advanced Apes?

Supplemental materials:

Discussion questions:

  1. Evaluate:
    • Australopithicus afarensis
    • A. africanus
    • Homo ergaster
    • H. erectus
    • H. heidelbergensis
    • H. neanderthalensis

    Should each of these be considered human or non-human? Why?

  2. A friend of yours claims that the similarity between human and chimp DNA proves evolution. How would you respond?
  3. One evolutionary idea is that embryos of different kinds pass through similar developmental stages. Another evolutionary idea is that embryos trace their alleged evolutionary ancestry as they develop. Both of these ideas have been thoroughly discredited. Why?
  4. 4467-bones-of-contention
    Bones of Contention
  5. Explain the evolutionary ‘mitochondrial Eve’ (or ‘out of Africa’) and ‘Y-chromosome Adam’ concepts. How does the Bible explain the evidence?

Additional Resources


  1. See pages 80-82 and Q&A: Anthropology for additional information.
  2. See pages 82-84 and Q&A: Genetics for additional information.
  3. See pages 85-87 and Q&A: Embryonic for additional information.
  4. See pages 87-89 and Q&A: Genetics for additional information.