Remembering Bill Cooper (1947–2021)

A tribute to the author of After the Flood



It is with sadness that we report the passing of Christian author William (Bill) Cooper on 9 March 2021, following a short illness. Bill was 73 and had been married to Eileen for many years, until her passing several years ago. Bill leaves behind two daughters, several grandchildren, and numerous foster children will have fond memories of him.

Bill was a prolific writer and occasional speaker, especially for the Creation Science Movement (CSM) and Tyndale Society (UK). Bill also wrote papers for the Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal, published originally by the Creation Science Foundation of Australia (now the Journal of Creation published by CMI). Bill’s articles can be found from the earliest volumes. He was actively involved in the work of the Tyndale Society, with its interest in researching the Reformation, writing many papers in their journal.

Bill was for many years a Council member and Trustee of CSM, based in Portsmouth England, although sadly he was hampered by ill health for many years. (I regret that I didn’t get to meet him while also serving on the CSM Board, although we both corresponded via email.) He was later promoted to the position of Vice-President of CSM.


His most popular early book, After the Flood, provided evidence that the history of the European people could be traced back to the biblical account of Noah and the Flood.1 Many biblical creationists found this book a real eye-opener.

In his writing Bill frequently accessed original source material, and through translation brought to life little-known, but important manuscripts. Through the cooperation of the British Library and Tyndale Society, he also brought to life in old English William Tyndale’s 1526 New Testament,2 and in modern spelling The Wycliffe New Testament of 1388.3

Other works included an Authenticity series: The Authenticity of the Book of Genesis,4 The Authenticity of the Book of Daniel, and other books including Joshua, Judges, Esther, and various New Testament books. As well as creation, he wrote numerous technical articles on palaeoanthropology, biblical apologetics, the Reformation, and the history of the English Bible.

Qualifications and awards

Bill obtained several academic qualifications: A Bachelor of Arts (honours) degree was received from Kingston University, England, which combined studies in the history of ideas (in religion, philosophy and political theory) and English literature. Higher qualifications (PhD, ThD) were received from Emmanuel College of Christian Studies in Springdale, Arkansas (not officially accredited in USA)5. His PhD thesis was entitled Richard Hunne and the English Reformation. In August 1999 the Tyndale Society Journal Chairman’s Notes, commented that it represented “a fine work of mature scholarship of which we were proud to publish the first shoots…” The Chairman went on to praise Bill’s contribution: “Bill is a quite astonishingly prolific scholar, with much accomplished and even more in the pipeline. He is also a good teacher, and it was no surprise to many of us to find that Emmanuel College had appointed him Full Professor of Providential and Geopolitical History… Bill – Dr Cooper – Professor – Sir, we salute you.” Bill also served as an Adjunct Professor on the Master Faculty at the Institute for Creation Research School of Biblical Apologetics.

Bill was still planning writing projects immediately prior to his death including a Chinese translation of After the Flood, which he hoped would be a great blessing across Asia. Bill was also an inspiration to many Christians in the UK and USA and other parts of the English-speaking world, and will be missed by family, friends, and many who did not get to meet him.

Published: 13 April 2021

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