Report from Romania!

Field and lab update from Dr Emil Silvestru

July 3, 2001 [minor updates 10 Aug 2006]

World-class cave expert Dr Emil Silvestru of Romania has contributed greatly to creation research with his explorations, writings, and lectures. Fully supported by our ministry, he filed the following research report with us recently. Be encouraged to know that hands-on research is being conducted by CMI to show that the Bible can be trusted from its very first verse.


Dr Silvestru submitted and had published a research paper for CMI’s science publication Journal of Creation (formerly TJ) on the topic of ‘paleokarsts’ (which have been used as evidence to attack the young-Earth view). In this period, he has also been conducting speleothem studies in caves, and has started new field experiments, all relevant to the creation/age issue.


The Answers Book

The Answers Book–Updated and Expanded

People all over the world ask the same challenging questions. These perceived “difficulties to the Christian faith” are answered clearly in this book, making it a must for Christians of all ages!


Conducted a 3,000-mile lecture tour on creation vs evolution, plus regional speaking opportunities (such as those in the capital city, Bucharest, a few weeks ago).


Dr Silvestru has started translating CMI’s popular The Answers Book–and he’s translating the booklet Is there really a God? into Romanian. Already, 3,000 copies of the booklet Dinosaurs & the Bible in Romanian have all been distributed–more were printed recently.


He has been hosting a weekly radio program called (in rough translation from Romanian) ‘The Quarrel of the Wise Men with God’.

Prayer point

Dr. Silvestru wrote us recently that after his lectures, ‘People often approach me asking where they can find more information on some of the topics I cover.’ Please pray that in addition to producing more witnessing booklets in Romanian, books (such as The Answers Book) will be translated and then distributed widely in this former communist country.

Published: 3 February 2006