Response to PBS/Nova Evolution series

The PBS-TV Evolution series has launched perhaps the greatest barrage of evolutionary indoctrination since Carl Sagan’s (in)famous CosmosTV broadcasts of the 1980s. Our responses to the 7 episodes by Dr Jonathan Sarfati (author of Refuting Evolution and Refuting Evolution 2) are given below.

Rebuttals for Episodes 1–7

Episode 1: Darwin’s Dangerous Idea

Episode 2: Great Transformations

Episode 3: Extinction!

Episode 4: The Evolutionary Arms Race!

Episode 5: Why Sex?

Episode 6: The Mind’s Big Bang!

Episode 7: What about God?

Hear, hear for the excellent responses to PBS’s show posted on your site!! I praise God for such a ministry as yours, and my wife and I are blessed indeed by your research, devotion to the Word, and outreach.’ — M. A., Illinois

‘Thank you so much for your rebuttals of the PBS series, Evolution . I watched the segment “What About God?” and was amazed at how they twisted it all around to make Christians seem like they are so clueless and so accepting of evolution and rejecting creation. Then, I realized I should not be amazed. Satan comes as an angel of light. They were only using his greatest vice — to prey on Christians who might happen across the show, especially with that title, and plant seeds of doubt in their minds since they have probably grown up in churches that did not teach them the answers.’ — D., Oklahoma
Published: 14 February 2006