‘Restoring Biblical Foundations’ in KwaZulu Natal Province! with Dr Johan Kruger & Robert Zins

Friday 26 October–Sunday 4 November 2007

Does God really exist?’, ‘Who was Cain’s wife?’, ‘Why is there so much death, pain and suffering in the world?’, ‘Did God really take six days?’, ‘Was Noah’s Flood a global event?’, ‘What happened to the dinosaurs?’, ‘How did all the different “races” arise?’, ‘What about homosexual “marriages”?’, ‘Is there anything I can do?’.
For solid biblical answers on these and many other topical issues, the Creation Ministries International team invites you to attend our meetings in Durban and surroundings during the upcoming ‘Restoring Biblical Foundations’ tour.

Be equipped and motivated!
Don’t miss a great opportunity to learn how the first eleven chapters of Genesis are crucially relevant to the understanding and effective communication of the Gospel message today—and how the Bible connects us to all of reality!  You will be equipped as a Christian to defend your faith against the evolutionary indoctrination that is so prevalent in society today.  But more important even—you will be motivated to impact your church, community and culture for Christ!

‘The [CMI] presentations were just what [we] needed. In fact, Saturday night in our hotel room, my son gave his life to Christ . Little did I know he was seeking the Lord, and in the meeting, he found what he needed . His logical, scientific mind, like mine, needed to sift through the biased, worldly interpretations of data and find the Christian view’—J.S.

Free admission and all are welcome.  Remember to invite your friends.

To inquire about hosting a CMI meeting at your church, youth group or school during this time, feel free to contact us or phone our ministry department on 021 975 8109 / 072 072 1830