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Creation 27(3):8, June 2005

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Resurrected reef-dwellers?

An international scientific team has reported that the world’s oceans contain far more cold-water coral reefs than previously thought.

‘We are finding not only new species of corals and cold-water corals in new locations but associated organisms, like snails and clams, that were believed by palaeontologists to have become extinct two million years ago’, said Professor André Freiwald, of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany.


‘That was a real surprise, and we expect many of these surprises in the future as we undertake more scientific missions.’

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An evolutionary interpretation of the fossil record might imply that certain creatures have been extinct for millions of years—so when these creatures turn up alive and well, it’s a huge surprise. But a biblical interpretation of the fossil record clearly indicates the vast majority of fossils were buried during the global Flood of Noah’s day and its aftermath, only around 4,500 years ago. So when ‘living fossils’ are encountered, it’s really no surprise at all.