Tribute to Russell Grigg


Active CMI-Australia staff member Russell Mowbray Grigg died peacefully on 11 January 2024, a few days short of his 97th birthday. Russell, born in New Zealand, had worked as an industrial chemist, an overseas missionary (Indonesia) and editor for a major publishing firm.

At the age of 65, when many think of retiring, Russell offered to move interstate to be a writer and editor for CMI, on a mostly volunteer basis. He was a much-loved and greatly appreciated member of the team. Incredibly, his fulltime employment (including driving himself to and from work every weekday) continued up to and including the day before he was admitted to hospital, two days before he went to be with his Lord and Saviour.

In addition to the massive contribution of his skilful editing work behind the scenes, some 140 of the many articles he wrote are listed and linked below his biography here. The page also features the three illustrated children’s books Russell authored for the ministry, in addition to his important book on the Solar System. The issue of Creation currently in the final throes of preparation, 46(2), will reflect very significant editing input from him.

In 2018, Russell was the subject of this fascinating interview for Creation magazine.

As long as we have known him, Russell was constantly and confidently looking forward to eternal life with His Lord and Redeemer. He was passionate about reaching out to people through the message of the complete authority of the Bible, and in the last few years, exchanged letters on several occasions with Sir David Attenborough. The connecting thread that likely prompted Sir David to respond more than once, was that they were both the same age, and both affirmed to the other that they knew full well they were close to the end of their earthly existence.

Russell’s hope, and the theme of his unfailingly gracious letters (which were always responded to graciously in turn), was not to win an argument, but that Sir David might turn to the Creator and Saviour before having to meet Him in judgment.

Well done, good and faithful servant.

Published: 13 January 2024

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