Henry Richter receives Lifetime Achievement Award

by CMI staff

Published: 28 January 2020 (GMT+10)
Dr. Henry Richter

Dr Henry Richter, who has previously been interviewed for Creation magazine and is the author of Spacecraft Earth, is one of the most accomplished living creation scientists. He worked for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which was later incorporated into NASA. He helped to develop America’s first satellite, Explorer I.

Dr Richter was given the Radio Club of America Lifetime Achievement award at the 110th banquet of the Club at the Weston Times Square on November 23, 2019. He was able to make some remarks at the banquet. Dr. Richter wanted to use the opportunity to not only thank the Club for the award and tell his life story, but also to give his Christian testimony. But he only had three minutes in which to do so! But Dr Richter rose to the challenge, and gave us permission to republish his comments below.

I want to thank the radio club and all you folks for the honor of awarding me the lifetime activity award. This came totally unexpectedly and I’m afraid I was somewhat blown away when I received the notice.

Dr. Henry Richter receiving his award

I want to acknowledge ham radio and the role it played in leading me into a lifetime of technology. I became interested in ham radio when in the fifth grade. My parents were art teachers at poly high school in Long Beach California. When they taught summer school they needed a place to park me, and so when I was in the fifth grade they made arrangements for me to sit in on the high school ham radio course. And in the prior summer, they made arrangements for me to take the high school chemistry course. The summer after that the chemistry teacher asked me to be the lab assistant for the course. I imagine it was somewhat disconcerting to high school students that have a young squirt handling the stockroom and passing out chemicals and glassware.

I was privileged to work with two Nobel Prize scientists. First was Dr. Linus Pauling. I was an instructor in his freshman chemistry course at Caltech. He later served as the chairman of my final doctoral orals committee. A few years later I worked for Dr. Willard Libby who invited me to be on his staff in the Institute for Geophysics at UCLA.

But let me switch to something which I think is more important to say to you folks. (I intended to say “this is something I said to the JPL staff when they invited me to speak last year at the 60th anniversary of the Explorer 1 launch”—but I forgot to do it). As a scientist, I became fascinated with this marvelous universe in which we exist. Even more so, this remarkable spacecraft on which we ride on which contains all the features and substances required to allow human life to exist. I believe this is unique in the universe. And then of course there are these marvelous bodies that we have been given. We have a brain consisting of more than 100 billion neurons which are all wired together electrically. This could not have come together accidentally by random events.

To me as an engineer, this all shows an elaborate design. And when I use the word design, that demands a designer. Who can design all this but God Himself? I always believed in the existence of God—somewhere. I was halfway through my life before I found out this being we call God didn’t just exist somewhere in the cosmos but was very personal. In fact, He was desirous of a relationship with me and everybody else. So what did he do? He came to this earth 2000 years ago in the body of Jesus Christ to offer a relationship with mankind. I accepted that offer, which I found made me a Christian. At that point my life changed and since then I’ve had a life of peace, joy and purpose.

I don’t know how many of you in this audience also have made that wonderful discovery of a relationship. If you have, I commend you for it. If not and if this sounds strange to you, do yourself a favor and investigate it for yourself.

Once more I deeply appreciate this honor you’ve given me tonight. God bless you all.

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Readers’ comments

Antonio F.
Beautiful! Thank you for such a touching speech.
Noellene C.
What a truly inspiring Christian! A brilliant scientist who recognised the ultimate designer of this planet Earth and its place in the universe. You are an inspiration to me and I am sure many others even our own Christian scientists at CMI. An award truly deserved. Bless you Sir!
Philip P.
Great speech and if readers need any more convincing get his book. It is illuminating.
Philippus S.
I praise God and give Him all glory for the achievement and the acknowledgments of Brother Dr Henry Richter. Just think if every one of us are prepared to stand up with the same conviction as Dr Henry Richter has, sanding up to Scientists that when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. 
Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four footed beasts, and creeping things. Romans 1:18-23
JIm M.
This is the obvious/natural conclusion that the existence of design, order, complexity, codes, software, hardware, machines, life, brains, consciousness, morality, beauty, language, altruism, etc. should lead to.
Stephen B.
Careful observation, substantiated by physiological, anatomical, geographical and ecological evidence can account for the original distribution of the human race. The Creator endowed us with features and characteristics that enables us to survive in other geographical locations on earth.
Dan M.
Believing in an all-powerful creator God is not checking out intellectually as some accuse, but it is an intellectual obvious conclusion. Everything made itself is a silly proposition that requires purposely ignoring the observations in favor of something that violates all reason and scientific law. How the world functions so perfectly, is what has always driven me towards a belief in God almighty until I finally gave in years ago. Now, I cannot imagine how a universe came to be without a creator in view of the physical and historical evidence, not to mention the fellowship I enjoy with Him through His word. Congratulations, Dr. Richter on accepting God as your creator and the awards you have received for your accomplishments.
David J.
Wonderful personal testimony sprinkled with his personal history and succinct overview of a journey which led to a saving faith in Jesus Christ.
I have a nephew who is very skilled (if that is right word) in using his personal testimony and science background to simply convey the basis for his personal belief in Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. Of course, everyone should consider there own communication style and comfortably incorporate that (and be ready) in witnessing.Also, relax no one accepts or rejects us as individuals. It is Jesus' claim on their life they will accept of reject
John C.
Our dear doctor has several things going for him which permitted this forthright witness in a public forum. Age, Maturity, Integrity, Wisdom, Professional Quality, History, Recognition, all served to permit him a unique opportunity to forthrightly present the plan of salvation, that has figured so powerfully in his life. While we are thankful for his professional work that was worthy of such an award, we also applaud his example, setting the bar high for emulation by those inspired to follow their Creator into investigating His design. If we wish to have his opportunities, we need to follow his path with his integrity. Then we will have these opportunities, as well.
Nicholas K.
So encouraging to see a scientist of such calibre witnessing so publicly of his faith in Christ and his conviction in the truth of creation from a scientific standpoint. What was particularly wonderful was Dr Richter's invitation to the audience to come to faith in Christ by investigating a relationship with Him for themselves.
John P.
Dr Richter is a blessing to many. I'm about halfway through his book "Spacecraft Earth" at the moment and it's worth every cent. This world is created for us by God. Nothing creates itself. Our God has made this planet just right-its position from the sun, our solar system's position in our galaxy and so forth.The folly of a so called big bang should be obvious. One might rename the big bang as the big fizz!

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