New documentary: Dismantled: A Scientific Deconstruction of the Theory of Evolution
The online premiere has ended, but you can order the DVD or Blu-ray here.

Scot Devlin B.Sc.Geo., Ind. (Hons 1) 


Scot was born in the UK and decided to follow Christ at the age of 18. He has been privileged to minister in many countries including United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, India, Nepal, and Brazil.

After witnessing the dramatic and positive effect of the Gospel in many different cultures, and the decline of the West as it abandons biblical values, Scot became emboldened to illuminate the ‘lies so clever that they sound like the truth’ (Eph 4:14) that keep people from knowing Christ.

During his university years, Scot was sponsored by Royal Dutch Shell to complete a degree in Geophysics at the University of Leeds. He has since worked in the civil engineering, oil and gas, and medical device industries. His interest in subsurface imaging has led him to publish research, apply for a patent, lead university field trips, and start a business with the help of a European government grant. Before joining CMI as a full-time Scientist and Speaker, Scot worked with neurosurgeons and neurologists to accurately image and navigate the human brain and spine.

A passionate evangelist, Scot is well able to connect with a broad range of audiences and engages effectively with young people in particular.