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Proclaiming Creation

Divine Design: Persuasive and Purposeful



Saturday 31 August 2019

Day Conference

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Everywhere we look—from the arrangement of our solar system, to the construction of the tiniest components of every living cell—we see the inescapable signs of hyperintelligent design. Learn why these designs defy naturalistic explanation. The evidence is persuasive. The designs are purposeful. The implications are life-changing. Bring a friend!


$20 per person

$50 max per family
Parent(s) + dependent children under 18

Recommended ages 12 and over.
Prices include light refreshments.

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Prof. Stuart Burgess

Professor of Design and Nature, Bristol University, UK.

Professor Burgess has held academic posts at Bristol University, Cambridge University and Liberty University in the USA. At Bristol University he was appointed Head of Department three times between 2004 and 2011. He has worked for the European Space Agency and was the lead designer for the solar array on the world’s largest civilian earth-observation spacecraft (Envisat). He also led the design and testing of the chain drive for the British Olympic Cycling Team who won a record six gold medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics. He was invited to exhibit this work at the Royal Society (National Academy of Sciences) in the UK in 2017 where it received national publicity. He has published over 160 scientific papers on the science of design in engineering and nature.

Dr Ron Neller

B.A. Hons, Ph.D. (Fluvial Geomorphology)

Ron has held lecturing and research positions within several Universities both within Australia and internationally. He has undertaken landscape studies in Australia, China, Finland, Peru, The Pacific Islands, and Libya. Ron has also held numerous State and Federal advisory positions in Australia in natural heritage management, also advising international agencies.

Although not a Christian in his earlier years, Ron was also not a supporter of geological evolution. His research suggested otherwise. Becoming a Christian, his data (derived from decades of research on landscape change) finally started to make sense.

Now a part of the Creation Ministries International team in Brisbane, he works as a researcher, writer and speaker.

Mark Emerson

​Mark served in the RAAF for eight years as a Telecommunications Operator (Cryptographer), then with World Vision Australia as a Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Project Manager and IT Manager for 13½ years. Finally he was employed for over 16 years by CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) as Senior IT Project Manager.

Rev. Peter Hastie

B.Juris, B.Th., M.A.(Theol), LTCL

Rev. Peter Hastie has spent 32 years in Pastoral Ministry as well as 14 years in Christian publishing as the editor of Australian Presbyterian. For over two decades he has been involved in Christian education, serving on the Councils of both The Scots College, Bellevue Hill and PLC Sydney and Armidale, where he has been chairman. He is currently Principal and Pastoral Dean at Presbyterian Theological College, Melbourne where he lectures in systematic theology and apologetics.


Conference details


Essendon Baptist Community Church, 138 Buckley Street, ESSENDON 3040

Range of creation resources available


Time Title
10.00am Registration Open
10.30am Introduction

Prof. Stuart Burgess

The Designer World: How the World is Designed for Mankind

The talk will explain how the world has been specifically designed for the detailed needs of humans. Case studies will include air, water, food, materials, animals and beauty. The talk will present Bible verses that show God’s intention to make a world specifically for mankind. After this talk you will never view honey, chocolate, coffee and water in the same way.

Prof. Stuart BurgessThe Designer World: How the World is Designed for Mankind

Mark Emerson

Feather Evolution: A Flight of Fancy

How can blind, random chance, indifference produce such an exquisite non-living thing as the feather which is obviously purposefully created for flight! Takes a close-up look at the design and construction aspects of a so-called 'simple' feather. Some aspects of complementary structures like the bird wing and respiratory system, also specifically designed for flight, is briefly discussed. We also take a brief look at the fossil record of birds supposedly millions of years old, showing the perplexing problem of fully 'modern' structures and feathers from the very beginning.

Mark EmersonFeather Evolution: A Flight of Fancy
12.15pm Lunch BreakBYO or Preorder

Dr Ron Neller

Dealing with Arguments against a Divine Designer

Design is ‘writ large’ in the creation, but divine design demands a Divine Designer, and that is unacceptable to the proud sinner. So how does the ‘educated’ design denier manage to subvert the argument from design? And what is wrong with their arguments?

Dr Ron NellerDealing with Arguments against a Divine Designer

Rev. Peter Hastie

Jesus Christ: Designer of Creation & Redemption

The Bible makes clear that every aspect of the created order - both the material and spiritual realms - has been planned by God. This address will explore why this is an important issue for Christians, the difficulties we have in coming to terms with it, and the implications for our lives.

Rev. Peter HastieJesus Christ: Designer of Creation & Redemption
2.30pm Break

Prof. Stuart Burgess

Refusing to be Silenced on Biblical Creation

The talk explains how a leading scientist has refused to stop speaking up for biblical creation despite many attempts by atheists to stop him. The talk explains why atheists are so fearful of any scientists questioning evolution and it explains how God has protected him in his job. It also gives his personal testimony and includes the designing of the fastest bike.

Prof. Stuart BurgessRefusing to be Silenced on Biblical Creation
3.50pm Q&A—All Speakers
4.30pm Close