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Proclaiming Creation

Divine Design: Persuasive and Purposeful



Saturday 7 September 2019

Half-day Conference

Registration 12pm


Everywhere we look—from the arrangement of our solar system, to the construction of the tiniest components of every living cell—we see the inescapable signs of hyperintelligent design. Learn why these designs defy naturalistic explanation. The evidence is persuasive. The designs are purposeful. The implications are life-changing. Bring a friend!


$20 per person

$50 max per family
Parent(s) + dependent children under 18

Recommended ages 12 and over.
Prices include light refreshments.

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Prof. Stuart Burgess

Professor of Design and Nature, Bristol University, UK.

Professor Burgess has held academic posts at Bristol University, Cambridge University and Liberty University in the USA. At Bristol University he was appointed Head of Department three times between 2004 and 2011. He has worked for the European Space Agency and was the lead designer for the solar array on the world’s largest civilian earth-observation spacecraft (Envisat). He also led the design and testing of the chain drive for the British Olympic Cycling Team who won a record six gold medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics. He was invited to exhibit this work at the Royal Society (National Academy of Sciences) in the UK in 2017 where it received national publicity. He has published over 160 scientific papers on the science of design in engineering and nature.

Dr Tas Walker

B.Sc. Hons (Geol.), Ph.D. (Eng)

Dr Tas Walker has been involved in the planning, design and operation of power stations for over 20 years with the electricity industry in Queensland, Australia. He has also been involved in the planning of a large hydro-electric development which required evaluation of geological conditions and their effect on dams, water reservoirs and underground power station structures.

Using his varied experience, Tas has developed a biblical geological model to connect geological structures in the field with biblical history. He and other creationist geologists are now applying this model to areas all over the the world.


Dr Mark Harwood

B.Sc., B.E.(Hons), Ph.D.

Dr Mark Harwood completed his tertiary education at the University of Sydney where he received B.Sc., B.E. (Hons) and Ph.D. degrees. His postgraduate studies were focused on radiotelescopes and computer techniques for antenna design and measurement. Mark played a key role in the development of Australia’s national satellite system. He has now retired from the aerospace industry where he was General Manager, Strategy and Planning for the Optus satellite business.


Jim Whitehall

MBA (AGSM), Grad Dip, BEng (Hons), BSc

Jim has worked in the development of biomedical devices, speech recognition systems, Principal Solution Integrator in a multinational IT company and as the lead Systems Integrator for the mission support segment of the Australian Defence Force’s airborne radar ‘Wedgetail’ project. Jim currently works as the CEO of a small startup IT company. Jim returned to university part-time to study areas of science relevant to origins so that he could be thoroughly prepared to get involved with Creation ministry as a speaker. These studies have confirmed his conviction that the Bible records the true history of the world.

Conference details


One Family Church, 2B Factory Street, (Cnr of Sixth & Factory), GRANVILLE 2142

Range of creation resources available


Time Title
12.00pm Registration Open
12.30pm Introduction

Prof. Stuart Burgess

The Designer World: How the World is Designed for Mankind

The talk will explain how the world has been specifically designed for the detailed needs of humans. Case studies will include air, water, food, materials, animals and beauty. The talk will present Bible verses that show God’s intention to make a world specifically for mankind. After this talk you will never view honey, chocolate, coffee and water in the same way.

Prof. Stuart BurgessThe Designer World: How the World is Designed for Mankind

Dr Tas Walker

The Gospel Purpose of Divine Design

Pervasive design, from the microscopic to the astronomical, points to the Designer and reveals something of his character: his power, wisdom, foresight, and provision, etc. But our world is suffering with disease, tsunamis, death, war, and the like. Why is it broken? Can it be fixed? Design prompts us to seek the Designer, to understand our world’s history, and to learn what He has done to redeem us. Design calls us to respond to our Maker and fulfil his design for our lives.

Dr Tas WalkerThe Gospel Purpose of Divine Design

Jim Whitehall

Divinely Designed in His Image

In awesome wonder we consider all the works that God’s hand has made. But are we unique within them? Or do our chromosomes and the fossil record betray a simian past? Jim Whitehall weighs the current evolutionary genetic and fossil arguments of common descent, against the Biblical claims that we are deigned. In whose image are we? The Chimps, or God’s?

Jim WhitehallDivinely Designed in His Image
3.00pm Break

Dr Mark Harwood

Dealing with Arguments against a Divine Designer

Design is ‘writ large’ in the creation, but divine design demands a Divine Designer, and that is unacceptable to the proud sinner. So how does the ‘educated’ design denier manage to subvert the argument from design? And what is wrong with their arguments?

Dr Mark HarwoodDealing with Arguments against a Divine Designer

Prof. Stuart Burgess

Refusing to be Silenced on Biblical Creation

The talk explains how a leading scientist has refused to stop speaking up for biblical creation despite many attempts by atheists to stop him. The talk explains why atheists are so fearful of any scientists questioning evolution and it explains how God has protected him in his job. It also gives his personal testimony and includes the designing of the fastest bike.

Prof. Stuart BurgessRefusing to be Silenced on Biblical Creation
5.00pm Break
5.20pm Q&A—All Speakers
6.00pm Close