Fun activities!

In addition to great teaching, you and your family will be entertained and equipped with our special shows, programs, tours, and more! Plus, there is a lot more to do in the surrounding area. Check out onsite activities you can do with your free time.

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Just for kids—fun-filled morning sessions!

Childen’s program with Mary Beth DeRepentigny

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Creation for Kids is a program specially designed for elementary school children up to the age of 12, where they will learn the Bible’s big picture. It includes lots of hands-on, fun-filled activities.

Teaches young ones how to think about the issues.

FREE for all registrants.

Tuesday to Thursday, 9.30am–12pm and Friday, 9.30–10.30am


 Biology excursion to Ripley’s Aquarium

Guided tour with CMI’s marine biologist Dr Rob Carter

Dr Rob Carter

A behind the scenes tour of the famous Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach. Experience a world of sharks, eels, colorful fish and be amazed! Touch real live sea creatures such as sharks and rays in the ‘touch pool’.

CMI will provide a free written guide.

Two sessions: Tuesday or Wednesday 2–5pm

Dr Sarfati playing chess against multiple opponents
“How does he do it?”

 Dr Sarfati’s incredible 50-person chess challenge

Yep, all 50 at once!

Match your skills with an accomplished former chess Olympian. Or watch in amazement while this former international chess champion takes on challengers of all skill levels simultaneously.

Are you up for the challenge? Let us know when registering.

FREE for all registrants, but limited to 50 people.

Thursday, 2–5pm

 Joel Tay’s incredible illusions show

CMI scientist and a man of many talents, watch Joel perform sleight of hand tricks and illusions. What you see is not real!

Great fun for all ages.

FREE for all registrants.

Tuesday, 4pm

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 So you wanna be a creation speaker?

Two presentations on the basics of successful creation speaking

Maybe you have the potential to become a CMI speaker!

Presented by Gary Bates and Scott Gillis

Our most popular session from our last SuperConference. CMI’s key trainers will help you understand ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’, by learning the common mistakes that many make. Attendees to these specialist sessions will receive an introductory kit of core books/DVDs and a CD of some basic PowerPoint slides.

Cost is $20 per person. Register online or when you arrive.

Wednesday, 2–4pm

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Dinosaurs • Genetics • Apologetics • Geology • Biology • Radiometric Dating • Climate Change

Don’t miss out!