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The book of Genesis is under attack like never before. As a foundational book, it’s ultimately an attack on the entire authority of Scripture. Be encouraged and motivated to take up the challenge of being equipped to withstand the fiery darts of the enemy and fulfil your God-given roles in your families, communities and beyond.

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Dr Jonathan Sarfati

Physical chemist, chess master and perhaps the world’s most prolific author of creation books, Jonathan’s brilliant essays on the authority of the Bible have won many converts. He is also the author of the most comprehensive scientific and theological commentary on Genesis 1–11 to date, The Genesis Account.

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Dr Robert Carter

Rob is a much-loved and in-demand speaker for CMI-US. A marine biologist who, along with Dr John Sanford, is pioneering creationist research into human genetics from a biblical framework. He co-produced CMI’s book and world-class documentary, Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels.

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Joel Tay

Originally from Singapore, Joel has a Th.M, M.Div, in Theology and a B.Sc. in Evolutionary Biology. Thus, he well understands the alleged best arguments for evolution. He has been involved with CMI for many years as a volunteer in both Australia and Singapore before becoming a full-time member of the US staff.

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Scott Gillis

Scott Gillis has a B.A. in Religious Studies and is a gifted speaker with CMI-US. Scott has an innate ability to communicate the importance of creation with lay audiences. He is charged with the responsibility of grooming new speakers for CMI. Scott desires to challenge Christians to equip themselves to be ready with answers.

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Keaton Halley

Keaton has a Master’s degree in Christian Apologetics and has been a part of CMI’s speaking team for many years. He regularly contributes articles to Creation magazine and Journal of Creation, as well as the CMI website. He also serves as one of CMI’s Information Officers—answering some of the many questions submitted to

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Dr Jeff Benjamin

Jeff was converted to Christ in his late 20s after becoming convinced that Genesis was scientifically and historically accurate. He has a Ph.D in forestry, and served nine years as the forest operations professor at the University of Maine. A former Principal of a multi-grade-level school, since 2015, he serves as Executive Administrator for a local church. Jeff is an associate speaker for CMI.

 Special Guest Speakers

Chris Rupe photo

Chris Rupe

Chris is co-author of Contested Bones, an excellent creationist analysis of fossil hominins. See our interview in Creation magazine. Chris has a degree in biology and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in geology. He has been active in research as well as giving popular and academic presentations on creation for many years.

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