Sponsor a bus ad (Canada)

The challenge

There are more than 7300 articles at creation.com that have the potential to change lives. The articles help to remove mental stumbling blocks that prevent people from even listening to the Gospel message! The challenge is: How do we get people to read those articles?

A solution!

CMI–Canada’s bus ad campaign! As people ride the bus they have time to read the ads inside the bus above the windows. It is our hope that the thought provoking text will motivate people to note the web address or, for those with internet enabled smart phones (especially university students), to go directly to the website as they ride the bus.

Sponsor a bus ad

These panels measure 35" x 11" and will run for (at least) 12 weeks. You (or your church, or your youth group) can even choose the transit company in the city of your choice that will display your ad. (Please note: Transit companies require a minimum number of ads that must be met. We will do our best to combine your ad with others to meet those minimum amounts.)

To sign up for this new outreach initiative simply download, print and fill in the pre-authorized donation form.

For $15 per month (or more), indicate which ad you would like and where you would like to see it. ($15 for 1 ad, $30 for 2, $45 for 3, etc.)

Below you can see samples of 6 ads that you can choose from. (Click the images to go to the corresponding articles.)

1 — Dinosaurs

2 — Robots and motors

3 — A convenient lie

4 — Leading Atheist Dawkins

5 — Is evolution science?

6 — Natural Selection

An easy way to support CMI and be directly involved in outreach

For only $15 per month CMI supporters can sponsor bus ads and other CMI outreaches such as:

  • Supporting ongoing video production at the new HD TV studio at CMI-Canada
  • Enabling CMI to give witnessing booklets and flyers to street evangelists and missions organizations at no cost to them.
  • Keeping CMI speakers “on the road” to strengthen Canadian churches through speaking events. (Honorariums and sales from events rarely cover the cost of speaking tours.)

This new outreach could reach tens of thousands of people. Thanks to all those who will partner with CMI to reach the lost.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I just give a single donation instead of $15 per month?
A: Yes, you can sponsor ads with a single donation of $150.

Q: Why $15 per month?

  • It’s easy. A pre-authorized donation is a simple way for you to support CMI because it does not require saving up a “lump sum” amount. Small monthly amounts can make a huge difference over the long term, especially if many Canadian Christians participate.
  • For those who continue with the $15/month plan their monthly support will go to other CMI outreaches such as those listed above.
  • CMI is a faith funded ministry. As the Lord leads supporters to donate and pray we are able to do what the Lord has called us to do. When supporters sign up for Pre-Authorized Donations (PAD) from a bank account or credit card it gives CMI the boldness to increase outreach because of the assurance of future funding for those activities.

Q: Can I renew the ad after 12 weeks?
A: Absolutely. Just let us know what you would like to do after 12 weeks. Sponsor the same ad or a different one?

Q: How long do I need to stay on the $15/month pre-authorized donation for one bus ad?
A: 10 months minimum, although we are hoping that people will continue with their monthly support long term to support other CMI outreach initiatives.